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Here's the list of rare and not-so-rare Japanese metal vinyls, CD's and demos that I currently have for sale. 

I accept PayPal(3~4% fees apply), Money Order, International Money Order or well concealed U.S.$ cash in the mail. Ships via U.S. Postal Service from Illinois, U.S.A. I've been selling stuff on ebay under the user ID: kurwa123 for over 10 years and have 1900+ positive feedback.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions like the condition of the item and such. I can provide the photos or scans of any item listed here.


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Hakike ga suruhodo omanchinko daze, omaewa!



Abigail / Unholy Grave "Acidiehardmaniaxe Far East" 7" EP - Captured, 2006, Ltd. to 500 copies, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 189), Insert, (New/Unplayed), (CAP-003) - $12

Aion "Deathrash Bound" LP - Night Gallery, 1989, (NIGHT-0019) - $85
Featuring the singer Hisayoshi(Rosenfeld) on this recording. Awesome 1st LP by Aion!!!!

Bad Messiah "Live At Shinjuku Loft June 15 1990" Picture 12" - Self-released, 1990, (BAD-1103) - $18
Ltd. edition picture disc release by the band themselves on their own label. Came out prior to the "Golden Seeds" album, and contains the songs originally appeared on their first indie-released 12" and the "Emergency Express"(Metal Warning 2) comp from the late '80s.

Boris "Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol.1" 7" EP - Southern Lord, 2009, 500 pressed on black, Shrinkwrap(w/ orig. sticker) attached to heavy weight cardboard sleeve, (LORD 108) - $4

Burtrey "Wheel Up" CD - Project Oiri, 1994, (OIRI-002) - $5
The first and the only CD release by this unknown Japanese hard rock/heavy metal band that was active in Osaka from the late '80s until sometime in the mid '90s. They put out at least one demo and appeared on a compilation prior to this CD release. I don't have much info about this band but the music is some very traditional and tough sounding hard rock/metal with a classic British or American feel. The songs don't quite sound very Japanese!

Casbah "Infinite Pain" Demo Tape - Self-released, 1987, Fold-out sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $38
Original 1st demo!!! Note: Just the side spine(where it says "Buy or Die!!") of the fold-out sleeve is damaged, has a visible tear and creases. The other parts of the sleeve and the cassette itself are in excellent condition.

Christ "Easy To Ride" 12" - Captagon Plugging, 1988, Orig. logo sticker on shrinkwrap, Insert, (CPLG-1002) - $20
The 1st 12" by Christ from Osaka, Japan. Pretty wild, straight-forward and melodic heavy metal. Throught the band's existence from '83 to '90, Christ put out two demo tapes and the full-length CD besides this 6-track vinyl-only release. Their drummer is a younger brother of Minoru Niihara from Loudness. Released on Captagon Plugging, a short-lived indie metal label that's more known for the Wolf 1st 12" release. Christ on The Metal Archives Check this out: "All Your Stuff" live video clip

Code Red "Buried In The Battlefield / Wolves Of Warfield" Demo CD-R - Self-released, 2013, w/ flyer, (No Cat. #) - $3
Old school thrash metal. They have the "Thrashing Warfield" split single with Fastkill on Obscure Ritual label and the full-length CD out on the great BxTxH(Bang The Head) label that's been putting out a bunch of good  new releases and re-issues by Casbah, Jurassic Jade, Fastkill, Outrage, Zadkiel, Eizo Sakamoto etc.

Crowley "Whisper Of The Evil" LP - E.L.L.(Electric Lady Land), 1986, Insert, (ELL-022) - $85

Cryptic Revelation "Conspiracy / Spherical Light Emitting Objects" Demo CD-R - Self-released, 2012, (No Cat. #) - $3
Brutal death metal band from Osaka, formed in '91. I believe this is the band's first release in 13 years, since "The Truth Is Out There" EP from '99. Also appeared on a few comp's including the Bloodbath Records comp tape. "Nocturnal Light"(from the '99 EP) I'll throw in a color flyer for one of their live shows.

Decameron "Omae Dakeni I Love You" (お前だけに I Love You) 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1990, Promo/freebie, (E-8586) - $2

Demolition "Mob Of Wolves ~Estamos pandilla de lobos~" CD - E.A.S.T. Peace, 2005, Ltd. to 738 copies, Obi, (EPCD-021) - $8
The vinyl reissue came out on the U.S. label in '04. This one here is the original Japanese edition which was originally released on CD only. Demolition on The Metal Archives

Diass "Masters Of Your Mind" LP - D-Promotion Syndicate/Be-1, 1988, (25BLP-001) - $45
Killer obscure Japanese band Diass!! Some top quality heavy/power metal here. This is the band's only ever release from 1988, on D-Promotion Syndicate, which was the private metal label ran by the members of Damzell. Be-One Records was owened by the Hakata-based, small concert venue(club) with the same name and I believe D-Promotion Syndicate was part of it or the sub-label division type of thing. The only other releases by this label that I'm aware of are the two Damzell CD's and the Valan-Taine CD, but possibly there are some more. The entire LP is great! Some of their songs remind me a bit of the early ~ "Insane"-era Reaction(The last song of the album is an excellent speed metal tune!), while other songs are more in the traditional '80s Japanese heavy metal vein. Highly recommended!!!!!

Doom "Killing Field" (S.O.S. Series Vol.1) LP - Invitation, 1988, Die-cut art sleeve, Orig. sticker on sleeve, 2 x insert, (VIH-12) - $25

Doom "Freak Out" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1994, Ltd. to 800 copies, w/ Pushead artwork, (HG-019) - $5
Limited 7" single, recorded with the late(last?) line-up featuring Masami Chiba(ex-Shellshock & Gigatic Khmer) on bass and Pazz(ex-Gastunk/tank) on drums, after Koh Morota(R.I.P.) left the band in '93. The cover artwork by Pushead. The songs included on this 7", "Cruel World" and "Broken Walls", are fucking amazing! Crazy ass, crunching mid-tempo thrash tunes.

Doom / Hedgehog - Split 7" EP - HG Fact, 1994, (HG-021) - $5

Eliza "Fast As Lightning" 7" EP - Fasten Up, 1988, (FASTEN-009) - $25
The 3rd 7" by Eliza from Sapporo-city, Japan, on Fasten Up Records! Eliza on The Metal Archives

44 Magnum "Four Figures" 12" - Moon, 1985, Orig. sticker on shrinkwrap, Insert, (MOON-18004) - $5

Frenzy "Lost Hunger" CD - Doctor Drug/E.R.C., 1991, Obi, (DD-001) - $55
Rare self-released CD by the melodic heavy metal band Frenzy from Nagoya, Japan. Complete with obi. They've also released the cassette on Mandrake Root Records in '88 or '89.

G.A.T.E.S. / Disclose "Black Plague / Nuclear Hell" Split 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 2005, Orig. 1st press, Ltd. to 700 copies, (DAN-DOH 072) - $19
Original Japanese 1st pressing on 7" format. Later reissued on 10" in Denmark. Note: Has a visible warp on the vinyl that doesn't affect playing since I bought this new and received in the mail. Thus the lower price on this copy. Played perfectly in my turntable.

Gargoyle "Misogi" (禊) CD - After Zero, 1989, Orig. 1st press w/ hardcover book-style package, (AZR002) - $45
Gargoyle's 1st full-length album. There are several different pressings and versions of this CD exist. This is the original 1st edition that comes in the high quality, hardcover book style special package. Amazing, early Gargoyle release featuring the best ever line-up the band ever had, including the bad ass guitarist She-Ja(from Vathokija, Volcano, Animetal etc.)!!! After Zero Records was the independent label ran by the chick who owened the legendary Osaka-based metal club/venue called Bahama, and also put out a few records like the Aion 7" and the Inspire 7" under her previous label name M.A.R. Records back in the '80s.

Gargoyle "Furebumi" (檄) CD - After Zero, 1990, 2nd press w/ hardcover 13-panel "jabara"-style package(silver ver.), (AZR002) - $40
Gargoyle's 2nd full-length album. There are several different pressings and versions of this CD exist. The first two pressings come in a high quality, special hardcover 13-panel package, and they look almost the same except the base color of the package for the 1st pressing is gold and the 2nd pressing is silver. Both versions come in the same type of package. Amazing, early Gargoyle release featuring the best ever line-up the band ever had, including the bad ass guitarist She-Ja(from Vathokija, Volcano, Animetal etc.)!!!

Gargoyle "Aratama" (璞) CD - After Zero/Sohbi, 1992, Orig. 1st press w/ large hardcover book-style package(8.5" x 6" size), (SHCD-1002) - $35
Gargoyle's 3rd full-length album. There are several different pressings and versions of this CD exist. This is the original 1st edition that comes in the high quality, large size, hardcore book style package. Amazing, early Gargoyle release featuring the best ever line-up the band ever had, including the bad ass guitarist She-Ja(from Vathokija, Volcano, Animetal etc.)!!!

Gibbed "Eternal Life" 7" flexi - Sound Of Burial, 1990, (ULTRA FAST 4) - $28
Grinding Death Metal!!! That's what the band described their music style. Rare 7" flexi release on S.O.B.'s old label called Sound Of Burial Records that also put out the S.O.B./Napalm Death split flexi etc. The only release of Gibbed besides a promo demo tape and the tracks appeared on the Samurai fanzine comp CD and the classic "Thrashing Deathpower" CD.

Jet Maybe "Tempest" 7" EP - Penta, 1985, Insert, (K-P 01/LM-0533) - $55
The only record release by this obscure all-girl heavy metal band. Very rare. Produced by Yasuhiro "Ume-chan" Umezawa from Reaction. Penta Records was his label.(Another known release by this label is the great Prowler "Back Fire" 7". Not sure if they've done anything else.) The 7" contains two tracks, "Tempest" and "Misty Trip". Great Japanese heavy metal with strong female vox. Check this out if you're a fan of the other female fronted, '80s Japanese metal bands like Vanishing Point, Flying Vision, Terra Rosa, The Datura, or Rajas. The band released only this 7" and the demo tape prior to this. Listen to Jet Maybe & Jet Maybe on Metal Archives

Jewel "For Heavy Metal Fans Only!" 7" flexi - Mandrake Root, 1988, Promo-only/freebie, (MR-F-5) - $30
Super-rare and hard to find, freebie/promo-only 7" flexi with two exclusive tracks "Ruins Of Death" and "Cry Of My Heart" that's available only on this record. Recorded with their second singer Masashi Takemoto, and these two tracks are the only ever recorded material with him on vocals. The band broke up shortly after. The first song is a great speedy tune. This flexi was originally available only from the Mandrake Root label prior to the band playing gigs with a new line-up.

Joe-Erk "Living Alone" CD - Toy's Factory, 1993/95, 2nd ed. w/ bonus trax, Obi, (TFCC-88061) - $25
The second edition of this great CD, with two extra tracks, "Flashback" and "Wild Sign" that are not on the first edition. Also has a completely different artwork and a thicker booklet with the extra color band photos. This version is also long out of print and hard to find. Joe-Erk was the first band of a singer Mitsuo Takeuchi, who later built his music carrier in the bigger bands like Animetal, Eizo Sakamoto band(ex-Anthem), and D.T.R.(Dirty Trashroad) with Taiji Fujimoto(ex-Jewel, Dancer & Jill's Project) and Taiji Sawada(ex-Dementia, Prowler, Loudness & X). Awesome Japanese traditional heavy metal at its best. This is some heavy and powerful shit with the killer vocals!! Their songs reminded me a lot of Guilty Vice. Joe-Erk appeared on the "God's Truth"(Emergency Express III) comp CD in '92.(Note: Not to be confused with the similarly titled "Declare A State Of Emergency"(Emergency Express III) comp CD from '91, which was put out by a different label) The comp CD has some other good bands like Rosenfeld, Guilty Vice, and Dante. Well worth checking it out. Here you can check out the complete discography of Mitsuo Takeuchi on his web site:

Jurassic Jade "Live At Explosion" 8" flexi, Explosion, 1985, (EXP-HM701) - $35

King Goblin "S/T" Demo Tape, Self-released, 2003, (No Cat. #) - $4
Japanese underground doom/sludge/stoner metal. Check it out if you like the bands like Corrupted, Boris, Church Of Misery, Isis, Sleep, Sunn etc.

Ladies Room "Swapping Party" 7" EP - Extasy, 1988, (EXE-001) - $25
This EP is a killer!!! Ladies Room's first release with the original band line-up, before they got pretty big following the release of their first album "Sex Sex Sex" on Extasy Records in '89. The EP contains three of their early, melodic heavy metal tunes, "Swapping Party", "Glamour Girl" and "Juice". The title track "Swapping Party" was later re-recorded and included on the "Sex Sex Sex" LP/CD and the "Made In Sex" CD, but this original version here on the EP is the best one in my opinion. "Juice" is also a great, heavy and mid-tempo tune. Yoshiki, Hide and X are credited in the Special Thanks list, if that means anything to some.

Magenda "Magenda First" Picture 12" - Více/Crown, 1987, Insert & full-color die-cut sleeve, (18EC-3) - $35
The 1st 12" by the all-female, obscure Japanese heavy metal band from Osaka, formed in '85 and was active until sometime in the early '90. The band put out at two demo tapes("Magenda I" & "II") and this picture 12" in their early days when they still played heavy metal, then after the slight line-up change in the late '80s, their music style has changed into way more in the melodic hard rock vein, and released the 3-track CD single in '89 and the 6-track CD called "Gambler" on the short-lived Nagoya-city based indie label Transister Records in '90. The songs included on this picture 12", except one which I believe is just a cover song, were done in their early, traditional heavy metal style with the hard, melodic and sharp edge that's comparable to some of the other female-fronted Japanese metal bands like Rajas, Flying Vision, The Datura, Terra Rosa, or early metal-era Mari Hamada stuff! The photos of this record can be seen here and here  Note: The vinyl seems to show a very slight warp around the edge that does not affect playing at all. It's very minor and hardly even noticeable. Magenda on Metal Archives

Mazeran "Outsider" 7" flexi - Night Gallery, 1987, Promo/tour-only freebie, (NIGHT GALLERY-016) - $65
Super-rare and hard to come by, promo-only 7" flexi, which was given away free to their fans during the "Moving Lips" LP release tour. Contains an exclusive track "Outsider" that you find only on this flexi. Great song!

Mazeran "Moving Lips" 12" - Night Gallery, 1987, Insert, w/ bonus poster(Ltd.1st press/mail order only), (NIGHT 0013) - $55
Here's the rarer version with a folded bonus poster! The poster features a cool band photo. Only the limited number of 1st pressing copies sold through a direct mail order from the Night Gallery label and at some of their shows.(The same goes to the Paranoia LP. Some copies came with a poster.) 
The early Mazeran releases such as this 1st 12", the "Can't Stop My Dream" 7" EP(Mandrake Root) and the "Outsider" promo flexi are all excellent. I mean, they're really, really good.(I was a fan of this band and there's quite a bit of stuff I must mention here to clearify the possible confusion) However, when they got a new line-up with a different singer and bassist(plus a side guitarist) sometime in '89, they changed the music style to some boring and generic sleaze/hard rock like a bunch of L.A. metal bands that were popular at that time. All the newly members including the singer in their '89 line-up were not Japanese, by the way.(Timmy Keller, David McDonald etc. I have no clue who those guys were. Mazeran probably tried to be like Cats In Boots....) The confusing thing about Mazeran is that, like early Aion and Saber Tiger(Sapporo), almost every release they put out featured a different vocalist. The original and the first singer on their first release, the "Can't Stop My Dream" 7"('86), was Shuzo "Honey" Hata. The second release would be the "Wild & Roll" demo tape('86, NOT '85), with the second singer Toshio Kitanaka, the same guy who sang on the "Metal Warning" double LP comp('87), the "Moving Lips" 12" as well as the tour-only split promo flexi('86) with Killer May. You can hear both songs from the '86 demo, "Wild Frontier" on the 12" and "Heaven Tonight" on the "Metal Warning" comp. Toshio left the band sometime after the 12" was released in '87 and Mazeran was pretty much broken up or at least completely inactive for a little while, until they got back together in early '89, with the the new/third singer Timmy Keller, the new bassist Glen Anderson as well as the side guitarist Brad Lovstad. That was the line-up on the "Emergency Express"(Metal Warning 2) comp CD('89), but it was the end of the constant line-up change for this troubled band. Then(again!), Timmy was replaced by the fourth and the very last singer named David McDonald, who sang on the "S/T" full-length CD which came out in the late '89. The main member of Mazeran and the guitarist, Shoji Nemoto(who the hell is "Hisashi Nemoto" on Metal Archives?!), relocated himself to Tokyo to play in Ladies Room sometime in '88. He joined them shortly after the "Swapping Party" EP release, and not very known fact that he actually plays on Ladies Room's super-rare "Toy Girl" tour-only promo flexi which was put out by Extasy Records in '88. Shoji played in L.R. for a pretty short time(I was lucky to catch them live with him on guitar at one of their Tokyo shows!), until he decided to leave the band because his guitar skill was way too good to match L.R.'s music...(true and that's what the L.R. members said of the reason for Shoji's departure from them. If you hear his awesome riffs and solos on the Mazeran records it's kinda obvious, though.) ..... Well, hope this detailed info I provided here will exaplin why some of Mazeran's recorded materials are far as good as another, and some of them even suck so badly. Like I said, their early releases are great and are worth checking out, especially this 6-track 12" is their best ever. The tour-only "Outsider" promo flexi is also very good. You hear the big influence from early Dead End(like many bands from Osaka at that time!) in most of their songs from this era, especially Shoji's guitar style!! Also, Toshio's vocal style reminds me a little bit of Dead End. A few parts of info you see on their Metal Archives page aren't accurate: Mazeran on "Metal Archives" Listen to Mazeran "Let Me Fly"

Mephistopheles (+ Eraserhead) "Metal On Metal" CD - VAP, 2001, Obi, (VPCC-81380) - $35
Awesome power metal with a big Accept influence. 
Released when this legendary band got back together in 2001. The band has been very sctive since then. It's been out of print since around 2003-ish. As many of you may already know, Mephistopheles released only a 4-track demo tape and a track appeared on the "Heavy Metal Force III" compilation back in the '80s. The CD contains the nine Mephistopheles tracks(four of which originally appeared on the demo), plus the four bonus tracks by Eraserhead. Eraserhead was a short-lived band formed by the ex-Mephistopheles singer shortly after they broke up. They played only five shows in 1988. The other recording members for the Eraserhead material are from Anthem, Gargoyle and Terra Rosa! Both Mephistopheles and Eraserhead materials are amazingly good!!!!

Nemesis Code "S/T" Demo CD-R - Self-released, 2012, (No Cat. #) - $2
I'm unfamiliar with this band. The music is like melodic death metal, maybe a bit with a deathcore touch? OK, the flyer says they were infulenced by Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Meshuggah etc.

Paranoia "Come From Behind" CD - Night Gallery, 1993, Obi, (UKCR-1050) - $65
Originally released as the LP on the legendary Night Gallery Records from Osaka, Japan in '87. This is the rare and much harder to find CD version.

Passion Rose "T-Point" Demo Tape - Bronze Age, 1989, Pro-copied cassette & full-color sleeve, Insert, (10BA-03) - $58  
This is the special one. The extremely rare, cassette-only release, put out by the Tokyo-based small indie metal label called Bronze Age Records, the same label that also did the amazing Fortbragg CD as well as the Cats In Boots LP and the Dragon LP. The tape contains the five early Passion Rose tracks, one of which("Rise In The World") was later re-recorded for the "Big Deal" CD album in '91, and another track called "Take Your Chance" was re-recorded for the 3-track CD single/VHS video set entitled "Under The Rose" in '90. The original '89 version of those two songs, plus the three completely exclusive songs that can not be found elsewhere, the total of five tunes are on this nice, pro-made cassette with a pro-printed, full-color sleeve. Comes with a fold-out lyric insert. This one comes from my personal collection. See the pic of this demo on Metal Archives

Passion Rose "Big Deal" CD - Blow-Up/House Of Rose, 1991, Digipack booklet package, (BPR-1001) - $35

Precious "To Glory We Steer" CD - Mandrake Root, 1990, Obi, (30MR-CD-015) - $35
The only ever full-length album(CD-only release) put out by the classic Japanese heavy metal band, Precious. Rare. Excellent album!!!

Presence "S/T" CD - Nexus/King, 1987/2000, Obi & folded insert, (KICS 2874) - $17
'80s melodic metal/hard rock band from Osaka. Their guitarist is ex-Rajas, went on to form the Japanese metal "supergroup" Grand Slam in '89, with the ex members of Reaction, 44 Magnum and Make-Up. This is the first full-length album, originally released in '87. This CD was released as part of the "Nexus Re-Master Collection" by Nexus label(Sabbrabells, Terra Rosa, Anthem, Stingray etc.), which is the heavy metal/hard rock sub-label division of King Records. Out of print.

Prowler "Back Fire" 7" EP - Penta, 1985, (LM-0566) - $65
Produced by Yasuhiro "Ume" Umezawa from Reaction. Penta Records was his label. Contains two killer tracks, "Back Fire" and "Flash!".

Psychosis Brain "Francies Go Mad" Demo Tape - Self-released, 199?, Insert, (No Cat. #) - $4
I couldn't find much info about this band except that they've been active for a pretty long time and the drummer was the original singer of Kuroageha on their first demo. I found a couple of live video footages here and here. You can also listen to the sample tracks on the band's web site here.

R.U.G. (Randy Uchida Group) "Deathly Fighter Anthology" 12" - GISM Appreciation Society, 2009, Ltd. to 333 copies, White vinyl, (New/Unplayed), (GAS WAR 001) - $28
The infamous heavy metal project band consisted of the G.I.S.M. guitarist Randy Uchida, also the drummer from G.I.S.M., the bassist from the legendary heavy/power metal band Precious(!), and the mysterious unknown vocalist. This ltd 12" contains their only ever, awesome 7" EP release called "Deathly Fighter" from '84, as well as the unreleased live recorded material from the same year. R.U.G. on Metal Archives

Raging Fury "Wolf Spider" Demo Tape - Self-released, 1987, (No Cat. #) - $45
Their second demo tape. Original!!

Raging Fury "The Rattlesnake Rules" 7" EP - Claw, 1988, Insert, (Claw Records No. 001) - $30
The first self-released EP by this long-running, old school Japanese thrash metal act.

Rapes "Fly Again" 2 x CD - Transfixion Cultel/Black Box, 1998, Orig. 1st edition,  Ltd. to 1998 copies, (TXC-002~003) - $45
The limited edition, double CD set containing the re-mastered reissue of their long out of print 1st album called "Final Collection", which was originally released in 1992, as "Disc One". The "Disc Two" is the "Fly Again" 4-track single containing the newly re-recorded version of their classic tunes that originally appeared on the "Murderer's Night" 7"('88) and the two compilations from the late '80s, such as the songs "Death I~Frenzy Angel" and "Devil's Fire" etc. This 4-track single is one of the first studio recorded materials of Rapes with their current and the best ever line-up featuring the two ex-Rosenfeld members, Gish on bass and Koichi on drums! Shortly after they released the "Final Collection" CD in 1991, the band went went temporarily inactive until they've got Gish and Koichi as the permanent new members in 1994. After those two members joined Rapes, their violent metal sound became thrashier and stronger than ever before!!! Perfect mixture of heavy metal, thrash metal and HC. Some of their other releases featuring the same line-up, like the "Restriction" CD('97), "Otherside" CD('01) and the split CD(w/ QP-Crazy, '03) are totally awesome, too. This one I have for sale is the rare original pressing from 1998(Never originally issued w/ obi), not the 2008 digitally remastered re-issue that came in a cardboard paper sleeve. Rapes Official Website

Reaction "Are You Free Tonight" ('86 Metal Warriors Version) - Rockin' F, 1986, Promo/freebie, (E-7790) - $5
Contains an awesome, exclusive live version of their classic tune!

Reaction "True Imitation" LP - Invitation, 1987, Orig. sticker on sleeve, Insert & printed inner-bag sleeve, (VIH-28290) - $7

Rosen Kreuz "Madman's Revenge" 3" CD single - G-Org, 1992, Promo-only/freebie, Ltd. to 400 copies, Stamped & numbered(# 077) on silk-screened sleeve, (G-ORG-009) - $20
Interesting release. Most of the other materials I've heard from this band are more in the industrial/darkwave ~ industrial metal vein, but the songs included on this CD are totally heavy metal, real heavy and hard shit, actually! Contains two tracks, "Deadman's Revenge" and "Decay The Body". It's one of those Japanese 3"(5cm) size, mini CD's that comes in a tall and flat package. Rare, promo-only CD in the very limited pressing of only 400 copies, originally given away free to their fans at the two shows at the Loft in Tokyo. The front sleeve indicates "1992, 11. 27 & 28 Loft Only / Not For Sale", "Limited of 400", and the individual serial number is stamped underneath. This CD is listed as "The Crack Edge Monsters" on the Metal Archives site as that line is supposed to be part of the band logo, however, I don't think that's an actual title of the release. See here On the top spine of the package, where the band name, title, and release number are normally printed indicates "Madman's Revenge / Rosen Kreuz G-ORG-009". Also, this was self released by the band's own label called G-Org, and not Zazzle Records as incorrectly stated on the site. Zazzle put out some of their other CD's and their's the label phone number printed on the back sleeve of this CD just as the band contact number. Rosen Kreuz on Metal Archives

Sabbrabells "Dog Fight / Last Survivor" 7" EP - Nexus/King, 1987, Full-color one sheet picture sleeve & printed company sleeve, (K07S-7091) - $30
The title track "Dog Fight" is a different version than the one that's on their 4-track 12" with the same title which was released by a different label two years prior to this 7". These two records have the same title but they are completely different releases.

(Yokosuka) Saver Tiger "Origin Of Hide Vol.2" (Best Live & Making!!) CD - Nippon Crown, 2001, Obi, metallic logo sticker, Hide color photo card, folded insert, & info sheet, (CRCR-10004) - $35
Complete with all the bonuses, obi and extra inserts. Contains various live recordings from '86~'87 and studio rehearsal/practice session.

Salem "Life With No Hope" CD - Howling Bull, 1993, Ltd. to 1000 copies, Obi, (HBR-M0012) - $35

Stingray "Rain" LP - Nexus/King, 1985, Insert, obi, & metallic logo sticker(Ltd. 1st press only bonus), (K28P-571) - $40
This copy comes with a large size, metallic logo sticker that came with the innitial pressing copies only.(as stated at the top part of an obi) Never seen another copy with a bonus sticker... Very nice, complete copy with obi and insert. This is some top-quality melodic heavy metal in the traditional '80s Japanese metal vein ala Hellen, Dancer, Precious, Breeze Least, or Terra Rosa, with the epic metal and Novela-like progressive metal taste. Fans of Ex-Danger would also enjoy this LP.

Stingray "Rain / Rising" 7" EP - SW(Sound World)/Lollipop, 1988, Full-color 1-sheet sleeve & printed company inner-bag sleeve, (7DR-41) - $65
Very rare one here. This must the hardest to find Stingray release, as it almost never pops up for sale anywhere. This is the second copy I've ever had/seen in the past 20+ years. I thought this EP was one of those "promo-only" records that's never officially been for sale, however, I was wrong about it, and it is in fact the normal release just like Stingray's other records.(as I've noticed the original price of 700 Yen printed on the sleeve) While their "Rain" LP('85, Nexus/King Rec.) and the "Legend" 12"('86, Crown Rec.) are quite well known among collectors of classic Japanese metal, this EP seems to be somewhat more obscure side the release. The tracks included on this EP are not the same version/recording as the ones previously included on the "Rain" LP that came out in '86, which was released by a completely different label. Please note, the sleeve has the two small clear tapes on it but don't really look bad and it's overall in a nice shape.

Stingray "Legend" CD - Castle, 2002, Obi, Picture label, (DAKCAS-2039) - $25
The official CD reissue of the classic '80s Japanese melodic heavy metal album. The original LP came out in '86 and is highly sought after for collectors these days. This CD version is also out of print already.

Terra Rosa "Live... Final Class Day" CD - Nexus/King, 1992/99, Obi, (KICS 2880) - $22
An awesome last live album of the legendary Terra Rosa. All the songs were recorded at their last live shows in Tokyo and Osaka. This is the 24 bit remastered edition which is also long out of print.

Unholy Grave "Obliterated" LP - H.M.S.S.(Heavy Metal Super Star), 2006, Ltd. to 175 copies, Stamped & numbered booklet(F.E.T.U.S. 'zine) & obi(# 068 of 175), Printed inner-bag sleeve & insert, (HMSS-CD-043) - $40
The sleeve states: "This LP is collection of original mix versions from "Crucified" album recording sessions. All unreleased takes." Looks like this also contains some extra bonus materials including the "Gezol Mix Version" of two tracks and a rehearsal track. Comes with an exclusive "F.E.T.U.S." Vol.24 fanzine with the U.G. interview in English.(remember the "F.E.T.U." zines which were done by the same HMSS dude back in the '80s?) The 'zine is also individually numbered out of 175 copies.

Unholy Grave "Grind Blitz" 7" EP - H.M.S.S. (Heavy Metal Super Star), 2010, Ltd. edition of 185 hand-numbered copies, Promo-only/freebie, Orig. sticker on sleeve, White labels, (New/Sealed), (HMSS-CD-102) - $38
The round sticker on the front sleeve indicates "X'mas Gift EP for HMSS Customers, Limited Edition 185". Still unopened in original bag, sealed with a little sticker.

United "Beast Dominates '92" CD - Howling Bull, 1992, Obi, (HBR-M0006) - $30
All the songs from the "Beast Dominate" EP ('86) re-recorded with the '92 line-up, plus the two exclusive bonus tracks! A long out of print, early Howling Bull Records release.

Vallan-Taine (Vällan-Täine) "Good Times Rollin'" CD - Be-1 Label/D-Promotion Syndicate, 1991, (LMCD-1034) - $58

Van Veen "Over The Universe" CD - Monster Production, 1989, (MON-230073) - $75

Versus "S/T" Demo Tape, Office Mafia, 199?, Full-color sleeve & insert, (No Cat. #) - $5
An unknown, late '90s band featuring at least three ex-Necrophilia members including the singer. Heavy and crunching, mid-paced thrash/power metal in the vein of Flatbacker, Ezra, Volcano, or Youthquake. Good stuff! I can't seem to find any info regarding this band. Rare original, promo-only demo that says "Not For Sale" inside the sleeve. They did another demo called "Death Trap" and probably nothing else. Necrophilia is a bit more known to the serious fans of Japanese metal, since they had a few releases on Mandrake Root Records, but this band Versus is completely unknown that they aren't even listed on the Metal Archives site...

Wolf "S/T" 12" - Captagon Plugging, 1987, Orig. sticker on shrinkwrap, Insert, (CPLG-1001) - $35

X (X Japan) "Kurenai" (紅) (Original Japanese Version) 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1988, Promo/freebie, (E-8205) - $45
Contains the rare exclusive, original version of "Kurenai" with Yoshiki's piano intro and the Japanese/English mixed lyrics. This version/recording can be found only on this flexi and isn't included on any of their other releases. The "Vanishing Vision" version starts with hide's guitar intro instead of the piano and has the full English lyrics. Although this flexi says "Original Japanese Version", the lyrics are in half English and half Japanese. It's not the same as the "Blue Blood" version either. Promo-only/freebie flexi that has never officially been for sale. Featuring a killer band photo on the front cover. This is a new copy and the pocket sleeve is unopened, still sealed with a little sticker attached! You won't find this in a better condition.

Z-Sect "N.O.V." CD - Night Gallery, 1993, Obi, (UKCR-1048) - $48
Originally released as the picture 12" on the legendary Night Gallery Records from Osaka, Japan in '89. This is the rare and much harder to find CD version. Z-Sect was another Aion-related band from Osaka that shouldn't be missed. Killer speed/thrash metal featuring the singer Nov from Aion, Paranoia, Volcano, Animetal etc. Speedy, solid, and thrashy tunes for fans of Japanese thrash/speed/power metal like early Aion, Mein Kampf, Dementia, Rommel, Thread Worm, Prowler, Paranoia, early Virus, Rosenfeld, or Harkenkreuz.

V/A "Far East Thrash Army 3" (Free Style) CD - Stinky, 1992, (SRC-0006-ST) - $30
The Wretched / Hellchild / Jesus Save / Scamp / Scrap Tambourine / Pony The Klux - THE WRETCHED!!!! Very rare and quite unknown comp CD containing the tracks by this obscure and unknown, but totally excellent, raging thrash metal band featuring the powerful female singer Chitose(ex-The Comes/Virgin Rocks) and the ex members of X and Gastunk. The guitarist Eddie was an early member of X. This awesome band existed probably less than a year and only released the two demo tapes and appeared on another comp CD called "Declare A State Of Emergency"(Emergency Express III) with Rosenfeld, Bellzlleb, Lawshed etc. By the way, one of the rare Japanese metal items that I've been wanting to find forever is The Wretched 2nd demo which supposed to have a Venom cover song. Never seen it before and it's not listed on Encyclopaedia Metallum either. Please get in touch if anybody has it. The volume 1 and 2 of this compilation are fairly well known since those two were released on a pretty big label called Captain Records and featured the well-known bands such as Shellshock, Raging Fury, Genoa and Lawshed. However, this Volume 3 was done by a small unknown independent label called Stikky Records and not so many people are familiar with this one. You don't see this for sale often either. Also included on this comp are some of the early Hellchild tracks and the Scamp tracks are great as well. Scamp had a drummer Iron-Fist Tatsushima from G.I.S.M., Crow, Die You Bastards!, SSORC etc. The interesting side note that I should mention here is that G.I.S.M. is credited in the special thanks list of this release. It was produced by Seiji Kojima(I believe Stinky Records was his label) from Genoa and he was close to Sakevi, so that probably has something to do with it. And, Hellchild did a G.I.S.M. cover on one of their albums, so.... Well, anyways, yes it's quite rare to see G.I.S.M. credited on any non-G.I.S.M./Beast Arts related releases.

V/A "Grinding Syndicate" CD - Samurai, 1992, Folded insert, (SAMURAI 001) - $25
Gibbed / Multiplex / Anarchus / Cacofonia - Rare and hard to find, early Japanese death metal and grindcore compilation released by the Samurai Fanzine. Featuring two bands each from Japan and Mexico. This is one of the first death/grind comp's that came out in Japan. Contains the rare tracks by Gibbed!!! They released a killer 7" flexi called "Eternal Life" on Sound Of Brial Records(S.O.B.'s old label) in '90. If you were into underground grind, death and thrash metal in the late '80s to early '90s, you've probably heard of those great Japanese 'zines like Samurai, F.E.T.U. or Poison Child. The Samurai label also released some obscure comp tapes with the bands like Sabbat, Vietnam, Hellchild, Shellshock, Entombed, Anarchus, Exit-13 etc. This CD is pretty hard to find even in Japan these days.