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Here's the list of rare and not-so-rare Japanese metal vinyls, CD's and orig demos that I currently have for sale. Heavy metal, Thrash metal, Glam/hard rock, etc.

I accept PayPal (3~4% fee apply), Money Order, International M. O. or well concealed U.S.$ cash (at your own risk) in the mail. Ships via U.S. Postal Service from the U.S.A. I've been selling stuff on ebay under the user ID: kurwa123 for over 10 years and have 2000+ positive feedback.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions like the condition of the item and such. I can provide the photos or scans of any item listed here.


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NEW LIST (February 1st, 2015)

NEW LIST  02/01/2015

Abigail / Unholy Grave "Acidiehardmaniaxe Far East" 7" EP - Captured Records, 2006, Ltd. to 500 copies, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 189), Insert, (New/Unplayed), (CAP-003) - $10

Bavety "Girl's Out" 3" CD - Teichiku Records/Continental, 1990, (CARC-42) - $30
The 3" size, mini CD single by this unknown heavy metal band from Tokyo. I don't know how many people reading this have ever heard of them. The band started in '89 and was around for only about a year, put out a demo before this single and there's also an official VHS video release that contains four songs. They didn't release anything else. Kind of hard to judge a band from only 2 songs, but for those who love the typical Japanese melodic metal style, this will not be a disappointment. What I really like about this single is the second track, though. The title track tune "Girl's Out" has a much heavier and harder edge than another, but sounds a bit generic to my taste 'cause it sounds like a song you hear from a bunch of other Japanese bands in similar style. It's not bad at all. The song is actually pretty good, but far from being original. Eliza or some of the older Reaction songs came to my mind. Oddly, this song was written by the singer and guitarist from Show-Ya. (= One of the biggest Japanese heavy metal/hard rock bands: Loudness, Vow Wow, Earthshaker, Anthem, etc. Show-Ya did some great stuff in the '80s. Check 'em out on The Metal Archives.) No idea what the connection was between Bavety and Show-Ya... Okay, the second track "Sweet Baby Angel" is great!!! I personally like this song a lot better than "Girl's Out". It's much more in the melodic metal vein. Super catchy melody. Written by the band themselves and not by the Show-Ya chicks. This song used to be in heavy rotation on my player back when this CD first came out in 1990! Too bad I couldn't find any audio samples online. The disc comes in one of those tall package that many of the old Japanese 3" CD's typically came in. Nice and obscure rarity from back in the day.

Bronx (武論苦寿) (Osaka) "Crazy Love" Demo Tape - Self-released, 1985, Lyric insert (x 2), (No Cat. #) - $90
First of all, this one is extremely rare. The one and only from my personal collection. This is Bronx from Osaka and NOT the well-known Bronx (a.k.a. The Bronx) from Tokyo. The Tokyo-based Bronx is the one that had the famous guitarist Atsushi "Jet Finger" Yokozeki and have the three albums out like the "Illusion Of Mr. Morphine". (The Tokyo band was formerly named Bronx, then changed to The Bronx because the Osaka one was the original) This Bronx from Osaka was often mentioned in the magazines, fanzines and their show flyers/ads, as "Bronx (Osaka)" to avoid confusion with another. As far as I know, the only things they've ever released are three demo tapes. There might have been more but I'm not aware of others. Two great 5-track demos out around 1985~1986 when they were a four-piece band, then sometime in 1988 they've got the new members, the bassist Stinky and two guitarists Dogra and Gun, and with this new five-piece lineup they put out another killer demo entitled "腐国凶兵 (Fukoku-Kyouhei) ~The Rotten Japan & Crazy Japanese~", an absolutely awesome demo, actually. Their previous demos are really good too, but after they got the new lineup their music got even better and was improved with a slight power~speed metal feel added to it. For me, the bands like this are the perfect example of '80s "Japa-meta" (ジャパメタ), wild action, crazy-ass looks, catchy songs and embarrassingly cheesy but not necessary in a bad way, of course. (Lol) This is kind of important here that I'm purposely choosing to use the word "Japa-meta" rather than "Japanese metal" because among the older metal fans in Japan, the nuances of these two words that basically mean the same (in most cases) are... well, actually I'm not gonna go deeper into this 'cause I won't stop rambling otherwise. :(  People who get it already got it, so.... Anyway, Bronx was known for their remarkable, wild and intense live performance, however, the video clips I found on Youtube don't really do justice to show how cool and crazy they were live! (Yeah, like exactly how some guy who has seen them live said in his comment for one of the videos and what the uploader stated in the description!) Saw them playing live once at Rokumeikan. Btw, if this means something to some of you reading this, they also had an alternate band logo (Bronx -武論苦寿-) in the funny and crazy looking, typical bōsōzoku style, using kanji, in the same way how the bands like Tokyo Yankees (東京弥無危異寿) loved doing back in the day, sort of like in a joke way. That's something the type of bands like, let's say, Jewel, Precious, Hellen or Wolf would never do..... if you know what I mean. (hint: More punk/hardcore and the Free-Will type visual-kei/metal bands tend to use the bōsōzoku style logos than typical heavy metal bands.)

Listen to Bronx (武論苦寿) :

Corrupted "Anciano" 7" EP - Japan Overseas, 1995, Orig 1st press w/ b&w sleeve, Insert, (JO95-77) - $20
The long out-of-print 1st 7" from this Japanese sludge/doom metal band!

Dead Claw "Dead Claw" Demo Tape - Self-released, 1989, Hand-written label on cassette, (No Cat. #) - $25
The first demo by this long-running Japanese speed metal band with thrash influences. Came out prior to the "Bombed and Blasted" CD on Raw Records, which was actually a sub label division of Explosion Records. Despite the long history of the band since they were formed in '85, only a few releases were put out by these guys. 

Listen to Dead Claw :

Deathchurch "Crushing The Dreams Of Benevolence" Demo Tape - Hell War Productions, 2004, Ltd to 300 hand-numbered copies(# 014), (HWP 017) - $10
Japanese raw black metal.... extremely raw and dirty as fuck. Tokyo Black Metal Hell Komando....!!

Listen to Deathchurch :

Dementia "Dementia" 8" flexi - Self-released, 1984, Clear red flexi, (E-7231) - $135
Dementia's first 8" flexi single, including two tracks "Brain Breaker" and "Executioner". As you can see in the pics, the condition isn't the best. The sleeve condition is VG with visible wear and wrinkles, but no tear or splits. Around the top left part of the flexi looks a bit wavey and has a few usual dents that are commonly seen on the flexi discs, which do not affect play. I tested on two different turntables as well as a crappy portable record player and it played perfectly without any skips or jumps. This is one of those thicker, harder and stronger flexi discs, not the super thin and soft one. If you're super anal about the condition of the rare records(like I am), you might wanna pass on this copy. Your call.

Die You Bastard! "Underground Is Only Truth!!" Demo CD-R - HxIxKx Records, 2001, Insert, (HxIxKx Records 666-1) - $22
Raging fast, brutal and thrashin' grindcore up your ass! Their music style is an unique combination of speed/thrash metal, grindcore and raging thrash/hardcore with a lightning-fast, shredding blast beat drumming. I'm sure the band was named after a classic Motörhead tune. The self-released demo CD-R by this incrediable band, featuring the super drummer Iron-Fist Tatsushima from a whole bunch of different HC, thrash, grind and metal bands include the legendary G.I.S.M. and the black metal band SSORC. The vocalist Kimura used to be in Warpigs(ex-Jurassic Jade guys) before DYB. Some dude who posted their CD on Youtube accurately described it: "DYB are fucking tight and catchy as well as infinitely brutal and heavy, there are amazing solos, it's grindcore, it's thrash metal, it's hardcore like nothing else, fuck yeah." (- Bogdan Stoica)

This old DYB demo from '01 contains an awesome cover version of a Metallica song "Fight Fire With Fire" done in the DYB way. Guest guitar appearance by Eddie Van Koike from the death/thrash metal band Ritual Carnage.(He also played in Cracked Brain, The Wretched, and X) This is DYB's second demo and is one of their earlier releases. The band was formed in '94. Prior to this CD-R, they put out the first demo tape in '98 and appeared on the Japanese thrash/death metal & grindcore comp CD called "Thrash Corps Of The Storm" the same year, then the first 7" EP came out in '99 and the first full-length CD the following year. A couple of more comp tracks during that period, include a track on the sampler CD that came with the <Japanese Underground Thrash & Heavy Metal Magazine> called Kabbala in Feb 2001.

The insert indicates: "This CD is dedicated to Randy Uchida (G.I.S.M. & R.U.G.), R.I.P."

Listen to Die You Bastard! :

Die You Bastard! "Tousei" (濤声) Demo CD-R - HxIxKx Records, 2006, Ltd to 500 copies, Serial # stamped on disc, Insert, (HxIxKx Records 666-3) - $20
Raging fast, brutal and thrashin' grindcore up your ass! Their music style is an unique combination of speed/thrash metal, grindcore and raging thrash/hardcore with a lightning-fast, shredding blast beat drumming. I'm sure the band was named after a classic Motörhead tune. The self-released demo CD-R by this incrediable band, featuring the super drummer Iron-Fist Tatsushima from a whole bunch of different HC, thrash, grind and metal bands include the legendary G.I.S.M. and the black metal band SSORC. (He cites Terrorizer, Morbid Angel, Motörhead, Discharge, etc as his biggest musical influences) The vocalist Kimura used to be in Warpigs(ex-Jurassic Jade guys) before DYB. Some dude who posted their CD on Youtube accurately described it: "DYB are fucking tight and catchy as well as infinitely brutal and heavy, there are amazing solos, it's grindcore, it's thrash metal, it's hardcore like nothing else, fuck yeah." (- Bogdan Stoica)

This ltd third demo from '06 contains a cover version of the Discharge song "State Violence State Control". (➝ The Metal Archives) Guest vocal appearance by the singer from Crow. Limited numbered edition of 500. This copy is # 432.

Listen to Die You Bastard! :

Doom "Killing Field" (S.O.S. Series Vol.1) LP - Invitation, 1988, Orig sticker on die-cut sleeve, Insert (x 2), (VIH-12) - $22
Original 5-track 12" from '88. Highly influential Japanese progressive thrash metal band. Sick as hell!

Listen to Doom :

Eevee "Eevee" Demo Tape - Self-released, 2003, (No Cat. #) - $10
Raw, crunching thrash metal with a crossover feel. Following this first demo release, Eevee put out two full-length CD's in 2004 and 2006, and a self-released CD in 2010 that compiles live and studio tracks. Those CD's are really good too, especially the second album. They also put out the 7" sometime last year that I haven't had a chance to hear yet, but it's supposed to sound a bit different from their previous releases. Basically in the same thrash style but some grind/death and sludge/doom flavor metal to it.

G.I.S.M. "Live Tokyo 1982 - 1983" LP - Absolute Power, 2003, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (JAPAN FIVE) - $25
Contains two early live recordings include many unreleased songs and earliest version of some of the songs later appear on the "Detestation" LP. A large, double-sided insert contains the photos and the band bio/info written in English.

Listen to GISM :

Gargoyle "Furebumi" (檄 ~ふれぶみ~) CD - After Zero Records, 1990, Orig 1st press w/ hardcover 13-panel "jabara"-style package (gold), (AZR 002) - $35
Gargoyle's totally brilliant second full-length album. There are several different pressings and versions of this CD exist. The first two original After Zero pressings come in a high quality, special hardcover 13-panel package. The first press is in gold color and the second press is silver. An amazing, early Gargoyle release featuring the best ever line-up the band ever had, including the bad-ass guitarist She-ja!!!!! (Vathokija, Volcano, Animetal, etc.) This album is simply epic! Possibly the best of all their releaes. This one and all other early Gargoyle releases with She-ja on guitar are excellent, especially the first 7", first CD, "Kaikoroku" CD and "Crazy Sadism" from the "Emergency Express" comp.

Listen to Gargoyle :

Gastunk "Counter-Clock Wise" 7" EP - Více/Crown Records, 1988, Full-color poster sleeve, Promo, (10EC-501) - $10
Limited edition single from the band's heavy metal era. Their music was more in the HC vein in their early days ('84~'86), however, almost every song from that period had a huge heavy metal taste to it and that made Gastunk's sound so unique, didn't quite sound like any other HC or Metal bands at that time. This 7" includes two quality songs, "Counter-Clock Wise" and "Moon Child" (such a beautiful song!), taken from the fantastic "Mother" album which was recorded in Los Angeles (where they also played a few shows), fully supported by the Metallica members and Pushead. Awesome songs especially the B-side track. I absolutely love ALL Gastunk releases, every single song on every single record, period! After Gastunk broke up in Dec '88, the guitarist Tatsu went on to form Jacks 'N' Joker and the drummer Pazz joined Doom in '89, then Shellshock in '94. The vocalist Baki has sung in various project bands include the 'Gastunk + Doom' project called Quartergate with Koh Morota and Takashi Fujita, the bassist and vocalist/guitarist from Doom and Pazz.

Guilty Vice "Pleasure Of Mask ~ Dead Line ~" CD - Sub Rock Records, 1993, (MODS-1001) - $65
Here's a very, very rare and hard to find 1st CD by this Osaka based band Guilty Vice. Such a great CD by a great band. This is nothing but pure Japanese heavy metal. Released by a small indie metal label called Sub Rock Records (a label ran by the recording studio in Osaka with the same name) which also did the first Raging Fury CD in '92 and other, mostly lesser-known local heavy metal and hard rock bands from the Osaka area. The album features 11 tracks including a few re-recorded version of their earlier tracks originally appeared on the "Noise" demo tape from '89 and "The God's Truth / Emergency Express III" compilation CD (w/ Rosenfeld, Joe-Erk, Youthquake, Bad Loser, etc.) from '92. Shinji from Rosenfeld plays the guitar on one of the tracks called "Fuckin' Easy", as a guest recording member on this CD. He later joins Guilty Vice around the time of Rosenfeld's brake-up in the late '93. Also, S.D.G.Y. (Rosenfeld), Sex George (Ladies Room), Shoji Nemoto (Mazeran, ex-Ladies Room), Tokyo Yankees, United, Youthquake, Joe-Erk, Rosenfeld and Yasha are credited in the special thanks list. The band also released another CD called "Leave Here" on a major label in '97, which isn't really good. Many of the songs on that 2nd CD had a more "modern" heavy metal sound.... I wouldn't recommend it, but this 1st album, the "Emergency Express III" track and the demo are excellent! Again, this CD is super tough to find. This one here is only the second copy I've seen and bought within the past 20 years. (The first one, I'm keeping it for myself!) P.S. The band got back together 2 years ago!

Listen to Guilty Vice :
"Killing Me"

Hip "Hip" Demo Tape - Self-eleased, 1988, Fold-out insert, (No Cat. #) - $25
'80s all-female melodic heavy metal from Sapporo city. Guest guitar solo appearance by Kosei Iida from another Sapporo based power metal band Fast Draw. (He's an older brother of Shoyo Iida from Flatbacker/E.Z.O.) Catchy and melodic heavy metal with a hard rock edge, comparable to the bands like Passion Rose, 44 Magnum, Urgh Police, Tilt, Christ, or Frenzy. Hip was formed around '86~'87 and often played the shows with other local metal bands from the Sapporo area such as Eliza, Saber Tiger, Fast Draw, Captured, Klap, Diall, Providence, etc. This demo is the band's first release. They also put out the CD called "Girls Are Rockin'" in '89 and after that, I have no clue...

(Note: The actual color of the sleeve is 'shocking pink' like what 
you see in the top pic, a lot more brighter than the other scans)

Kamaitachi (かまいたち) "Itachi-gokko" (いたちごっこ) CD - Free-Will Records, 1989, Obi, (FWR-001CDL) - $25
Not a metal sound. More like hardcore~punk. The 1st indie CD album by this legendary '80s visual-kei band, on Free-Will Records. (Color, Bellzlleb, Amphibian, Decameron, etc.) One of the earliest visual-kei bands. For fans of Color. 

(Note: The disc is in a good shape with only a few light and minor scuffs, however the sleeve/booklet and obi aren't in the best shape. Has a small tear at the bottom edge of a booklet, also has visible wear and small wrinkles... I bought this in 1989 and eventually got a better copy to own. Didn't care much about the condition back then, ooops...)

Listen to かまいたち (Kamaitachi) :

Lonesome Crow "Illusion / Blazing Heart" 8" flexi - Explosion Records, 1985, Clear red flexi, (EXP-HM-403) - $75
Killer '80s Japanese power~heavy metal band featuring the singer Takaaki "Aki" Ichimura and the bassist Ken Hiraide from Jewel. Aki was the original singer of Hellen and did vocals on their "Fantastic Dream" demo tape from 1984. This 8" flexi is the only thing they've ever released. Another obscure but a good one. Very rare and hard to find. Their songs are so good. Too bad they didn't put out anything else.

Lonesome Crow on The Metal Archives

Listen to Lonesome Crow :

(Extra) :
Magenda "Gambler" CD - Transistor Records, 1990, Obi, (TAX-005) - $35
The third and the last release from this all-female heavy metal/hard rock band. The first picture 12" EP they put out in 1987 had a bit more heavy metal sound with a harder edge, but on this 6-track mini album all the songs are completely in the glam/sleaze and hard rock vein. This CD and the self-titled 3" mini CD single they did in 1989 are so much harder to find than the first 12". The original vocalist and bassist have been replaced by the new members Miho "Honey Bee" Yamada on vocals and Yumi on bass someime after the first 12" was released, so half of the band members on this last CD recording are different than their original lineup. (The original vocalist Hiromi went on to form another all-female heavy metal band called Rose in 1988, a really cool band, btw!)

(Note: The only Magenda song I could find online is "Star" from their 1st release from '87 when the band still played more heavy metal sound, featuring the original singer that's different from the one sings for this "Gambler" CD. I'm posting a link to it anyway, but the music style is very different)

Mazeran / Killer May "Keep On Burning / R&R! The Best Of Music" 7" flexi - Self-released, 1986, Promo-only/freebie, (No Cat. #) - $85
Ultra rare!!!! Here's something you don't see very often. This is the promo-only split 7" flexi, given away free only at one of their live shows at the Rock-May-Kan (Rokumeikan) club in Tokyo on July 27th during these two bands' 1986 summer tour prior to Mazeran's 1st 12" or the first Killer May LP. The "Can't Stop My Dream" 7" came out in the late 1986 after the summer tour was over. The flexi indicates "Not For Sale". The rare Mazeran track "Keep On Burning" is exclusive to this flexi and unreleased elsewhere! Everything this band released before their first break-up is really good: "Wild & Roll" demo ('86), "Can't Stop My Dream" EP (Mandrake Root, '86), "Moving Lips" 12" (Night Gallery, '87), "Outsider" tour promo 7" flexi (Night Gallery, '87), V/A "Metal Warning" 2LP/CD comp (Více, '87), and this split flexi track is no exception. Mazeran broke up once in 1988, the original guitarist Shoji Nemoto joined and played in Ladies Room for less than a year, then got back together with a brand new lineup in the early 1989. The new lineup included Shoji on guitar, Soichiro "Tommy" Shitanda on drums, from the previous lineup, and three new American(?) members, Timmy Keller on vocals, Glenn Anderson on bass, and Brad Lovstad as the second guitarist. They completely changed their sound to the Cats In Boots style, glam/hard rock and appeared on the "Emergency Express ~Metal Warning II~" compilation CD, then released the "S/T" full-length CD later in 1989. The Killer May track is also an exclusive version to this flexi which is a completely different recording than the ones that appeared on their 1985 first demo tape and the "Joy Stick" first full-length album. Their music is more like melodic metal and hard rock. The first album is great and the songs are catchy as hell. I'd totally recommend Killer May's early materials for those into the melodic and catchy stuff from Japan. Two ex members of Killer May with ex members from Urgh Police and Murbas went on to form The Yellow Monkey and became huge in the '90s.

Listen to Mazeran :

Medusa "Running Away" 7" flexi - Self-released, 1987, Promo-only/freebie, (KA-1) - $65
Here's another extremely rare, obscure '80s Japanese metal gem. This one's super tough to find! Medusa plays wild and hard drivin' heavy metal that's comparable to the bands like Murbas, Urgh Police, Marino, Ebony Eyes, Sniper, X-Ray, Excuriver, Tilt (early), 44 Magnum (early), Hurry Scuary, Diass, etc. Similar to the heavy metal style Murbas played. The only other known releases by Medusa besides this 7" flexi are the "Get Back Vibration" demo tape ('86), two other demos prior to that and tracks appeared on two compilation LP's, "Heavy Metal Force" (Explosion Records, '84) and "Metal Warning" (Více Records, '87). Since Medusa's formation in 1983, the vocalist was replaced three times throught the band's history. And, I must say that these guys has a bit crazy and complicated history as far as the lineup change goes. Also, their band sound had evolved from a generic hard rock style they played in the early days to more heavy metal sound after having the lineups changed so drastically, which was a good thing because their earlier style wasn't all that great at all. Well, check this out. So, the band was formed in 1983 when all the members were about 16 years old. The "Heavy Metal Force" track was recorded with their original vocalist who left the band shortly after this recording and was replaced to the new one. The 2nd vocalist as well as the guitarist left in 1984, then the band went on hiatus until 1986 when they finally got the 3rd vocalist, the new guitarist and the new bassist as well. At this point, the only original member left was the drummer! In 1987, with this brand-new lineup they recorded two songs for the classic "Metal Warning" double LP compilation as well as for this "Running Away" promo flexi which was given away free at the two live shows in Osaka and Tokyo during the long tour where they played nearly 30 shows. The flexi was "promo-only" and has never been officially available for sale. (Many bands in Japan used to make these free flexis and tapes to give away and promote their bands and normally only a small number of them were made, like 500 copies, sometimes less or more) The vocalist was replaced again sometime in 1988, played a few shows after the 4th vocalist joined but then the band went on hiatus (again!) and eventually broke up in 1991. (Damn, all these guys played in this band must have hated each other so badly...) In 2010, they got back together featuring the same vocalist they had at the time of their break-up in 1991, but for whatever the reason they decided to get another vocalist (!) added to the new lineup, so now they're a dual vocal band. (Yes, wtf, right???) Anyway, in the same year they got back together they played the special "Japameta Fever 777 : Chapter 3" show the same year, where an amazing lineup featuring only the '80s ~ '90s Japanese metal bands played in two days. The show lineup included Medusa, Christ, Rattlesnake (feat. 44 Magnum guitarist!), Fort Knox, Shotgun Marriage, Warpigs, Rosenfeld, Vathokija (feat. orig guitarist She-ja from Volcano, ex-Gargoyle!), Bakugeking (feat. ex-Blizard singer!), and several other bands. Medusa also recently played "Battle Of Force 2014" with Hurry Scuary and Marino!

Presence "Presence" CD - Nexus/King Records, 2000, Obi & fold-out insert, (KICS 2874) - $12
'80s melodic heavy metal band from Osaka. This is an out-of-print re-mastered CD edition of their '87 first full-length album. It was released as part of the "Nexus Re-Master Collection" (Sabbrabells, Terra Rosa, Anthem, Stingray, etc.) by Nexus label, which is a heavy metal and hard rock sub-label division of King Records. Soon after the break-up of Presence, the guitarist Kazuhide Shirota (ex-Rajas, J.D.K. Band) went on to form the Japanese metal supergroup Grand Slam in December '89, with ex members of Reaction, 44 Magnum and Make-Up, then released a great 4-track CD under the name of Golden Bat on Danger Crue Records. (P.S.) Some great memory of this band from back when I was like 12 or 13. Either Presence or Ladies Room was the first metal band I've ever seen live back in the day.

Listen to Presence :

R.U.G. (Randy Uchida Group) "Deathly Fighter Anthology" 12" - GISM Appreciation Society, 2009, Ltd. to 333 copies, White vinyl, (New/Unplayed), (GAS WAR 001) - $28
R.U.G. was a heavy metal project band consisted of the legendary guitarist Randy Uchida (R.I.P.) and the drummer Hiroshima, both from G.I.S.M., the bassist Michael Hammer from the great power metal band Precious, and some mysterious, unknown vocalist named Ronny Wakamatsu. This nicely quality, limited 12" contains the "Deathly Fighter" 7" EP ('84, Dogma Records) and the unreleased '84 live material include 6 songs, one of which is a cover version of "Bark At The Moon".

Listen to Randy Uchida Group :
"Deathly Fighter"
"Crazy Bomber"

Rapes "Fly Again" 2 x CD - Transfixion Cultel/Black Box, 1998, Orig 1st press,  Ltd. to 1998 copies, (TXC-002~003) - $38
The limited edition, double CD set containing the re-mastered reissue of their long out of print 1st CD album called "Final Collection" (Disc-1), originally released in '92. The Disc-2 is the "Fly Again" 4-track single containing the newly re-recorded version of their classic tunes that originally appeared on the "Murderer's Night" 7" in '88 and on two compilations from the late '80s, such as the songs "Death I ~ Frenzy Angel" and "Devil's Fire". This 4-track single is one of the first studio recorded materials of Rapes with their best ever lineup featuring two members formerly played in ROSENFELD, Gish on bass and Koichi on drums! (Gish left Rapes in 2006) Right after they released the "Final Collection" CD in '91, the band went temporarily inactive until they've got Gish and Koichi as the new permanent members in '94. The new lineup with ex-Rosenfeld members dramatically improved the quality of Rapes' music style and their unique, HC-influenced violent metal sound became thrashier and stronger than ever before!!! This is a perfect mixture of heavy/thrash/speed metal and HC. All their other releases featuring the same lineup, like the "Restriction" CD ('97), "Otherside" CD ('01) and the split CD single ('03, w/ QP-Crazy) are also totally awesome. This copy of the "Fly Again" 2CD set I 'm selling is the original first pressing that came out in '98, not the '08 digitally remastered re-issue that came in a cardboard paper sleeve. Released on the band's own Transfixion Cultel/ label. Note: The '98 first edition never originally released with obi. (Note: The back side and around a corner of the jewel case is damaged.)

Listen to Rapes :

Reaction "True Imitation" LP - Invitation, 1987, Orig sticker on sleeve, Printed inner-bag sleeve & insert, (VIH-28290) - $8
Reaction's third full-length album. Besides the absolutely classic first album "Insane" (Danger Crue Records, 1987), this LP and the "Joy Ride" first flexi are my personal favorites from this legendary Japanese power/speed metal band!!!

Listen to Reaction :

Rose "Rose" CD - Více/J.A.P./Crown Records, 1988, (JMD-201) - $35
ex-Magenda! All-female, obscure '80s Japanese heavy metal in the vein of Flying Vision, Jet Maybe, or Vanishing Point. Not much is known about this band except that I know they were formed in Osaka by ex-Magenda singer Hiromi and this 4-track EP is their sole release. (Hiromi was the original singer for Magenda when they were still playing heavy metal and left the band shortly after they put out the "Magenda First" pic 12" EP in 1987. After she left, their music turned into more glam/hard rock style) It was released in the picture 12" vinyl (like Magenda's first release on the same label!) and CD format, however the 12" version is more commonly found (well, at least in Japan...) and the CD is so much harder to find. Never seen it being sold anywhere outside of Japan. The music wise, Rose played solid and powerful sounding, pure heavy metal. No wimpy and poppy hair metal/hard rock stuff here. While two of the songs are in the mid-tempo, old school heavy metal vein, the other tracks "Get It Down" and "No Way Out" are the fast tunes with a speed metal touch. Overall this is a pretty good release!

Rosenfeld "Rosenfeld" Demo Tape - Self-released, 1991, Ltd to 500 copies, Pro-printed glossy cardstock sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $75
According to the liner-notes in the "Pigs Of The Empire" CD booklet, 500 copies of these were made in April 1991 after the second guitarist Hiromi joined the band. This was their first recording since they got back together in January 1990. I bought this tape from the Japanese metal record shop called Third Stage that the Mandrake Root label owner Uli Kawamoto used to run in the same building where the legendary metal venue Rock-May-Kan is or was. It didn't come with any sort of insert or track list, but the dude told me it never originally came with one and the actual track listing was found in one of their flyers or magazine/fanzine ads. I've seen two more original copies of the same demo, one of which I've owned in the past, bought brand new back in 1991 when it first came out, at either Bronze Age or Brand-X (the metal record shops that used to be in Ikebukuro, Tokyo) and neither of them came with an insert. So I assume what Kawamoto said is true, however, I can't be sure whether all copies were sold this way or some actually came with one. Anyway, the tracks included on this demo are: (1) Crows In Black (2) Spellbound (3) Creatures Of The Night ..... The sound quality of this tape is obviously way better than most of the shitty MP3 or boot copies floating around online. Comes with a thick and glossy pro-printed sleeve and it's on a Japanese-made AXIA Type II/High Position 60 minute cassette. A rare piece of Japanese thrash metal history.

Listen to Rosenfeld :

Rosy Roxy Roller "Girl's Kiss (High Sign)" 3" CD - Teichiku Records/Baidis, 1990, (CARC-34) - $20
The debut 2-track single by this all-female Japanese sleaze/glam/hard rock band. It's the 3" size mini CD single that comes in a tall package. Catchy and melodic hard rock featuring dual vocals. Unknown outside of Japan but they've gained a pretty big fan base over there in the early '90s and have released the total of nine singles and five albums. Then the band changed the name to Rosy and their music style to more guitar-oriented alternative rock sound in '95. Rosy Roxy Roller was formed in Osaka in '88. Some of the members previously played in the all-female heavy metal band called Ladia back in the mid '80s

Listen to Rosy Roxy Roller :

Roxcy (Röxcy) "Free On Free" 3" CD - Self-released, 1994(?), (010494-RR) - $85
Not much is needed to be said for this one. Obscure '90s Japanese melodic heavy metal/hard rock gem that's highly sought-after by many collectors. Top rarity in pristine condition like new. Stored in resealable protective sleeve. Never originally issued with an obi. Despite the rarity and high demend of their releases, there really aren't much information about Roxcy available online. They were from Osaka and have released two other CD's after this one. Their drummer Junichi Sato is probably best known for currently being a member of the well-known power metal band Galneryus and MephistophelesHe also used to play in various metal bands such as AtlantisConcerto Moon and Animetal.

Roxcy reviews, Download links, etc.

Sex Messiah "Sex Messiah" Demo Tape - Self-released, 2008, Ltd to 300 copies, (No Cat. #) - $30
Rare, original 1st demo. Sex Messiah's first release. Top-notch Japanese black/thrash metal in the vein of G.A.T.E.S., Döraid, Sabbat, Abigail, Zadkiel, Metal Skull, Syphilitic Vaginas, Toxic Holocaust or Blüdwülf. One of the best metal bands currently active in Japan!!!

Listen to Sex Messiah :

Sex Messiah "Wish You Were Dead" 7" EP - Criminal Trap, 2009, Ltd to 500 copies, (CTR-01) - $20
Amazing 1st 7" by this awesome band. They also put out three more 7"s so far, one of which is on High Society Satanic Records, the label run by the G.A.T.E.S. members. Top-notch Japanese black/thrash metal in the vein of G.A.T.E.S., Döraid, Sabbat, Abigail, Zadkiel, Metal Skull, Syphilitic Vaginas, Toxic Holocaust or Blüdwülf. One of the best metal bands currently active in Japan.

Listen to Sex Messiah :

Slumlords "Har-Dee-Harhar" CD - InsideOut/Toshiba EMI, 1993, Fold-out insert, (TOCP-7577) - $38
Slumlords was a short-lived sleaze/glam/hard rock band consisted of the guitarist Takashi "Jam" O'Hashi (Cats In Boots, Seikima-II, The Outsiders, etc.), the vocalist Billy G. Bang (Shooting Gallery & Kill City Dragons), the drummer Paul Garisto (Shooting Gallery & Psychedelic Furs) and the bassist Dave Tregunna (The Cherry Bombz, Shooting Gallery, Kill City Dragons, etc.) Some of their previous bands featured Andy McCoy and other Hanoi Rocks members. Slumlords existed for only about a half year and majority of the shows they played are in Japan, except one each in L.A. and London. This CD is the only ever release put out by them and it came out only in Japan. Now very rare and sought after these days. This CD usually sells for $50~$60+ on eBay, etc.

Stingray "Legend" 12" - Crown Records/Panam, 1986, Obi & insert, Promo w/ full-color 2-sided flyer & press photo, (New/unplayed), (CRH-1001) - $150
Brand new, never played "deadstock" Mint copy. Complete with a double-sided lyric insert and obi. This one is even a rarer promotional copy that comes with two promo-only items, a press photo and a full-color release sheet/flyer. A small "非売品" ("Not For Sale" in Japanese) mark printed on the center labels. Stored in resealable protective sleeve. I took stuff out of the protective sleeve only once or twice. Everything is in pristine, new condition. Probably the best copy of this classic Japanese metal gem you'll ever find.

Listen to Stingray :

Stingray "Vampire's Kiss / Endless" 3" CD - VAM/VaanMedia, 1990, (New/Unplayed), (H00W-30107) - $65
Another incredibly rare and unknown Stingray release. It's a 3" size mini CD single containing two rare tracks. I don't think many fans are even aware this has ever been released or its existence. Oddly, this was released as the Japanese soundtrack for the U.S. movie called "Vampire's Kiss", starring Nicolas Cage. Actually, the fact that the title track "Vampire's Kiss" was used for the movie's doesn't really matter because simply this song is amazingly good!! It's in a melodic, yet powerful and dramatic heavy metal style with a traditional epic metal feel that Stingray is best known for. And, the song "Vampire's Kiss" has a faster tempo than any of the songs on the "Legend" 12" or other albums. The second track called "Endless" is also great and is a more mellow and mid-tempo song than another.

This was the CD-only release and has never been available on vinyl. These two songs are not included on any of their albums, except "The Best Of Stingray" CD that came out several months later contained them, but that CD is also long out of print and hard to find anyway. "The Best Of..." CD is listed on this Japamese metal collector resource site among four other Stingray albums:

The "Legend" 12" (1986) is no doubt a masterpiece. The first full-length LP entitled "Rain" which was released in 1985, however, isn't as brilliant as the "Legend" 12" is, and somewhat overlooked because prior to the "Legend" release, the band still hadn't established their notable and distinct "epic metal" style yet, at the point in 1985 when the "Rain" LP came out. Although the "Rain" LP contained many decent songs, the music style wise, it was more in the "typical" Japanese melodic heavy metal/hard rock vein that lacked originality. Many fans would agree that the quality of Stingray's music was significantly improved since they released the "Legend" 12" in 1986. Since then, they've put out several more quality releases and I believe the band is still active.

This is also a brand new, "deadstock" copy from back in 1990. Still in original resealable outer sleeve, never been opened. Mint condition. This is a spare copy from my personal collection.

Anything they did after the "Legend" 12" are somewhat unknown, so here you go...

Stingray - Discography :

"Rain" LP (1985, Nexus/King Records)
"Legend" 12" (1986, Panam/Crown Records)
"Rain / Rising" 7" EP (1988, SW(Sound World)/Lollipop Records)
"Vampire's Kiss / Endless" 3" CD single (1990, VAM/VaanMedia)
* "Stingray The Best ~21世紀への伝説~" CD (1990, VAM/VaanMedia)
"One Night Rose" CD (1993, VAM/VaanMedia)
"Heaven's Door" CD (2000, Castle Records)
"Legend" CD (2002, Castle Records)

* The Best Of Stingray CD compiles all the songs from the "Legend" 12", "Vampire's Kiss" CD single and seven selected songs off the "Rain" LP
(The title ranslation: 21世紀への伝説 / 21seiki eno densetsu = A Legend Towards The 21st Century) 

Listen to Stingray :

Tatsu "Cowboy / Rambling Rose" 3" CD - BMG Victor/Ariola, 1992, Promo, (BVDR-121) - $10
The first solo single by ex Gastunk and Jacks 'N' Joker guitarist. Tatsu plays the guitar and does vocals on this single and some of the recording members are also from Jacks 'N' Joker. The 3" size mini CD single comes in a tall package.

Terra Rosa "Hi no naka ni kage" (火の中に影) 7" EP - King Records/Crime, 1990, Promo-only, (17DY-2031) - $45
This one is highly sought after among collectors and fans of Terra Rosa. Super-rare promo 7" vinyl issue of the CD single this amazing heavy metal band put out in '90. Released on Crime label (a.k.a. Crime Metal), the heavy metal/hard rock sub-label division of King Records, like Nexus label. The title track "Hi no naka ni kage" (translates to "The Shadow In The Fire") is an excellent song about nuclear, which also appeared on the band's last album "Sase" that came out shortly after. Supposed to be a different version but I'm not very sure. The B-side track "Craggy Rhymester" is a non-album track and is exclusive to this single. The front sleeve indicates "Not For Sale" as well as on the center labels in Japanese.

Listen to Terra Rosa :

Twiggy "Honey Tripper" CD - Tokuma/Japan Records, 1990, Obi, (TKCA-30029) - $25
Another all-female Japanese melodic sleaze/glam/hard rock band that's completely unknown outside of Japan. Totally catchy, sleazy and rockin' glam metal~hard rock for fans of Cats In Boots, Klap, Frenzy, Norma Jean, Betty Blue, Bad Messiah, Captured, Valentine DC, Jacks 'N' Joker, Passion Rose, Devils, G.D. Flickers, Ziggy and the list goes on.... This particluar style of hard rock was huge in Japan back in the late '80s to early '90s. In fact, many bands started off as a power/heavy metal band in the mid '80s later changed their sound to the glam/sleaze style. If you listen to and compare the earlier and the later hard rock-era materials by the bands like Magenda, Eliza, Tilt or Mazeran, you get the idea.

Unholy Grave "Grind Blitz" 7" EP - H.M.S.S.(Heavy Metal Super Star) Records, 2010, Ltd. edition of 185 hand-numbered copies, Promo-only/freebie, Orig. sticker on sleeve, White labels, (New/Unplayed/Sealed), (HMSS-CD-102) - $35
The round sticker on the front sleeve indicates "X'mas Gift EP for HMSS Customers, Limited Edition 185". Still unopened in original bag, sealed with a little sticker. So I don't know what the serial number is on this copy. (The pics of inside the sleeve with a number shown is from the last used copy I sold) Rare promo-only 7" by the Japanese grind/death gods. Another super-nice collector's item from H.N.S.S.

United "Demo '89" Demo Tape - Self-released, 1989, Pro-printed sleeve w/ insert, (No Cat. #) - $38
The original copy of their 1st demo! Comes with a pro-printed slick paper sleeve. It's on a Japanese-made TDK AE30 cassette.

Vasara (覇叉羅) "Insanity" CD - Alinnos Records, 1996, Obi & fold-out insert, Orig 1st press w/ picture label & color photo booklet, (AR-0003) - $18
Vasara (a.k.a Vasalla) from Fukuoka, Japan. Their early materials from when they were still playing thrash/heavy metal are the best! Dark thrash metal in the vein of Aion or vellaDonna. The band later relocated to Tokyo and changed the music style to more like gothic metal ~ generic visual-kei rock and majority of their later stuff from the late '90s up to the early '00s sucks. The first and second pressings of this CD have the slight different layout, booklet and design. The first pressings come with a clear-ish obi that indicates "first press with pic label & booklet". For fans of classic "visual-kei" heavy/thrash/speed metal bands like Aion, vellaDonna, Thread Worm, Vathokija, Harkenkreuz, Gelgoog, Kuroageha (early), Rosenfeld, Z-Sect, Tokyo Yankees, Paranoia, X, Rommel, Mein Kampf, Youthquake, etc.

Listen to Vasara (Vasalla) :
vellaDonna "Fermata no Fermat" (フェルマータのフェルマー) 3" CD - Matina, 1998, Promo-only/freebie, Ltd to 100 copies, (New/Unplayed), (VD-001) - $12
Rare, promo-only 3" size mini CD single. Only 100 copies were given away to their fans at the band's 1-year anniversary show in '98. "Not For Sale, Limited to 100" indicated on the back side. vellaDonna was an awesome power/thrash metal band from Osaka, consisted of ex members of two Osaka based, Aion and Rosenfeld infulenced thrash metal bands that were active in the early to mid '90s. The vocalist Seek and the bassist Goma from Thread Worm, the band that's known for their only CD release on Rosenfeld's Skull Crusher Records, and the guitarist Tako from another great thrash band called Gelgoog. The song that's found on this single is a bit weird. Punky vocals and catchy choruses, rockin' melody over crunching thrash metal guitar riffs and fast bass drums, with the strange "wtf?" lyrics including the chorus part taken from the song by this super famous '80s idol rock group called The Cheackers. Perhaps this is sort of a joke or novelty release? Odd, but kinda funny and cool at the same time, though. For vellaDonns fans or die-hard collectors of obscure Japanese visual-kei metal/thrash. I have two of these, so I'm selling one. It's still sealed in original resealable protective sleeve.

Listen to vellaDonna :
"Chaos [kéiòs]"

V/A "To The Marrow ~ Japanese Deathnology 撹乱" CD - Toy's Factory Records, 1993, Obi & fold-out insert, (TFCC-88027) - $45
Hellchild / Transgressor / Terror Fector / Voidd / Eroded / Multiplex / Maggoty Corpse / Satanic Hell Slaughter / The Equinox - This CD is known to be one of the earliest Japanese death metal and grindcore compilations with an incredibly brutal lineup of sick ass bands. Some of these bands later became pretty well known, while some are more on the obscure side of the Japanese underground metal scene. The bands such as Terror Fector or Eroded have the albums out on Howling Bull Records and the first CD by Voidd was put out by on Sabbat's Evil Records. This great death/grind band Eroded had the singer from 324. Also their drummer played in Gibbed and Unholy Grave. Satanic Hellslaughter is probably known for their tracks on the classic "Thrashing Deathpower" 3-way split CD. ('91, Selfish Records, w/ Gibbed & Multiplex) Maggoty Corpse featured the members who later went on to form and play in C.S.S.O.(Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ) and Butcher ABC! Maggoty Corpse did a split single with Iron Claw on Genoa's Strange Records in '91. The Equinox was from Nagoya, I think. Totally unknown band that used to play gigs with the bands like Deathpeed (pre-Unholy Grave), Gibbed and S.O.B. I don't think they've released anything. This comp is an important document of the early Japanese death metal and grindcore scene. A must hear compilation if you're into all that brutal-as-fuck bands like Gibbed, Unholy Grave, S.O.B., Gore Beyond Necropsy, Deathpeed, Nasum, Agathocles, Terrorizer, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Carcass and the classic Earache Records stuff. You won't be disappointed. This is a tough to find CD that hardly ever pops up for sale. The large 2-sided insert and obi are in excellent condition and everything else is in mint condition like new. Very nice copy of such a rare and killer comp CD.