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Here's the list of rare and not-so-rare Japanese metal vinyls, CD's and demos that I currently have for sale. 

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Please feel free to ask if you have any questions like the condition of the item and such. I can provide the photos or scans of any item listed here.

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Anybody interested in Japanese Punk, New Wave, Hardcore, Crust, Thrashcore type of stuff, I have a bunch of those records and some CD's listed for sale at: http://hardcorebeaver.blogspot.com/
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UPDATED LIST!!!!!!!!!!! (JUNE 4TH, 2013)

Action! "Hot Rox" LP - Philips/Nippon Phonogram, 1984, Insert & obi(damaged), (28PL-78) - $5
Action's debut album. For fans of the classic bands like Loudness, Earthshaker, 44 Magnum, Anthem or Reaction. Listen to "Heart Panic"
Note: The obi is damaged and tapes. The sleeve bottom has a seam split, but the vinyl is very clean.

Action! "Warning In The Night" LP - Philips/Nippon Phonogram, 1986, Insert & orig. sticker on sleeve(never issued w/ obi), (28PL-116) - $7
This 3rd album sounds heavier, faster and less melodic. Featuring ex members of Novela and Prowler. Listen to "100,000 Volt"

Admiral "Henbou"(変貌) CD - Mars, 2000, (MAC-001) - $8
The only ever release(3-track single) by this short-lived and obscure band featuring the ex-vellaDonna members. Dark and melodic power/heavy metal.

Aion "Hang On Night" 7" EP - M.A.R.(Mash Audio Revelation), 1987, Insert, (M-005) - $65
Very rare 1st EP!! This is their first vinyl release ever. ex-Mein Kampf. Featuring the earlier line-up with the sixth(!!) singer Satoru. He was also the second singer of Paranoia in '88 after the first singer Nov(who later joins Aion in '89) left the band. Both tracks on this EP, "Hang On Night" and "Bloody" are the totally killer, speedy thrash tunes. Deathrash Bound rules!!!!!!

Aion "Deathrash Bound" LP - Night Gallery, 1989, (NIGHT-0019) - $120
Feat. the singer Hisayoshi(Rosenfeld) on this recording.

Aion "Gasp For Breath" 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1990, Promo-only/freebie, (E-8563) - $8

Aion "Aionism" CD - BMG Victor, 1991, 1st press w/ outer slipcase package, Obi, (BVCR-57) - $15

Amphibian "Doppelgänger" CD - Free-Will, 1993, Obi, (FWL-020CDL) - $25
Such an awesome band. Unlike the music style played by majority of the bands on Free-Will Records, Amphibian from Osaka played some fantastic heavy/power metal. A few other good metal releases by Free-Will label include the Youka "Seek" CD, Bellzlleb "Mr. Ree" CD, Bellzlleb "Dead Don't Die" VHS etc. The whole album is really good! Hard and aggressive, yet melodic tunes with a dark edge. Pretty unique metal sound. I'd totally recommend this for those into the classic Night Gallery Records bands from Osaka, such as early Dead End, Cry-Max, Paranoia or Z-Sect. I'm sure Amphibian had the big infulences from those and not that more "traditional" sounding heavy metal(like many Mandrake Root related bands) which seemed to be bigger in the Tokyo scene back then. The band existed only a few years and released just this CD besides a few demo tapes. They also appeared on a couple of compilations including one of the "Emergency Express" compilation CD's. Amphibian on The Metal Archives

Anthem "Victim In Your Eyes" 7" flexi - Nexus/King, 1986, Promo-only, (SPS 3) - $6

Bad Messiah "Live At Shinjuku Loft June 15 1990" Picture 12" - Self-released, 1990, (BAD-1103) - $25
Ltd. release by the band themselves on their own label. Came out prior to the "Golden Seeds" album, and contains the songs originally appeared on their first indie-released 12" and the "Emergency Express"(Metal Warning 2) comp from the late '80s.

Barriada "A.S.D.F." Demo Tape - Self-released, 1995, Pro-printed sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $15
Rare original demo. Crunching, old school thrash metal featuring the singer Hideki Fujimoto from the well-known Japanese death metal band Defiled that has the albums out on Season Of Mist, Baphomet Records etc. He was also in a power metal band called Vanguard in the mid '90s.

Boris "Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol.1" 7" EP - Southern Lord, 2009, 500 pressed on black, Shrinkwrap(w/ orig. sticker) attached to heavy weight cardboard sleeve, (LORD 108) - $4

Breeze Least "S/T" LP - Self-released, 1986, Insert, (TMG-1001/BL-1999) - $320
The vinyl, sleeve and insert are in a top condition like new. Really, really nice copy of this highly sought-after '80s Japanese metal rarity. You probably won't find it in this amazing condition again.

Burtrey "Wheel Up" CD - Project Oiri, 1994, (OIRI-002) - $7
The first and the only CD release by this unknown Japanese hard rock/heavy metal band that was active in Osaka from the late '80s until sometime in the mid '90s. They put out at least one demo and appeared on a compilation prior to this CD release. I don't have much info about this band but the music is some very traditional and tough sounding hard rock/metal with a classic British or American feel. The songs don't quite sound very Japanese!

Captured "Vicious" CD - Fandango, 1989, Obi, (26FR-2001) - $30
Rare! Captured from Sapporo also released another CD called "Power Infection" in '91 that's equally hard to find. Heavy hittin' melodic metal.

Casbah "Infinite Pain" Demo Tape - Self-released, 1987, 1st edition on TDK DS30 clear cassette, Fold-out sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $45

Cats In Boots "Demonstration <East Meets West>" LP - Bronze Age, Insert & embossed sleeve, (20BA-01) - $15
Featuring Takashi "Jam" O'hashi(ex-Seikima II) on guitar. The band's only indie release on a small Tokyo-based metal label/shop called Bronze Age that also put out the awesome Fortbragg CD.

Christ "Easy To Ride" 12" - Captagon Plugging, 1988, Orig. logo sticker on shrinkwrap, Insert, (CPLG-1002) - $20
The 1st 12" by Christ from Osaka, Japan. Pretty wild, straight-forward and melodic heavy metal. Throught the band's existence from '83 to '90, Christ put out two demo tapes and the full-length CD besides this 6-track vinyl-only release. Their drummer is a younger brother of Minoru Niihara from Loudness. Released on Captagon Plugging, a short-lived indie metal label that's more known for the Wolf 1st 12" release. Christ on The Metal Archives Check this out: "All Your Stuff" live video clip

Code Red "Buried In The Battlefield/Wolves Of Warfield" Demo CD-R - Self-released, 2013, w/ flyer, (No Cat. #) - $3
Old school thrash metal. They have the "Thrashing Warfield" split single with Fastkill on Obscure Ritual label and the full-length CD out on the great BxTxH(Bang The Head) label that's been putting out a bunch of good new releases and re-issues by Casbah, Jurassic Jade, Fastkill, Outrage, Zadkiel, Eizo Sakamoto etc.

Damzell "Ready To Attack" CD - D-Promotion Syndicate, 1989, (LMCD-1032) - $85
This CD was originally released without an obi.

Decameron "Omae Dakeni I Love You"(お前だけに I Love You) 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1990, Promo-only/freebie, (E-8586) - $2

Dementia "Dementia Live!" 8" flexi - Explosion, 1985, (EXP-HM702) - $120
Very rare 8" flexi in an amazing condition. The hard flexi disc is in Mint condition like new and the fold-out sleeve in in EX+ condition, only because there's a small(approx 0.5") scratch mark at the bottom right corner. It's nothing major. Otherwise, I'd grade the sleeve Near Mint. Overall in a fantastic condition. Hard to find in such a nice shape. Dementia's awesome 4-track 2nd flexi with the line-up featuring Hally(X / United) on guitar, U.D.A.(Rommel / Tokyo Yankees) on drums, Taiji Sawada(Prowler / X / Loudness / D.T.R. / etc.) on bass, Ømmy(Daddy Takechiyo & Tokyo Otoboke Cats), and Geess(Howling Bull Rec.) on vocals.

Dementia "Struggle For Rebel" 7" EP - Buzz, 1986, (BZ-001) - $58

Demolition "Mob Of Wolves ~Estamos pandilla de lobos~" CD - E.A.S.T. Peace, 2005, Ltd. to 738 copies, Obi, (EPCD-021) - $8
The vinyl reissue came out on the U.S. label in '04. This one here is the original Japanese edition which was originally released on CD only. Demolition on The Metal Archives

Doom "Killing Field"(S.O.S. Series Vol.1) LP - Invitation, 1988, Die-cut art sleeve, Orig. sticker on sleeve, 2 x insert, (VIH-12) - $25

Doom "Freak Out" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1994, Ltd. to 800 copies, w/ Pushead artwork, (HG-019) - $8
Limited 7" single, recorded with the late line-up featuring Masami Chiba(ex-Shellshock & Gigatic Khmer) on bass and Pazz(ex-Gastunk) on drums, after Koh Morota(R.I.P.) left the band in 1993. The cover artwork by Pushead.

Doom / Hedgehog - Split 7" EP - HG Fact, 1994, (HG-021) - $8

Eliza "Fast As Lightning" 7" EP - Fasten Up, 1988, (FASTEN-009) - $25

Eliza "Something Like Hot" LP - Fasten Up, 1988, Insert, w/ shrink wrap still attached to sleeve, (Fasten-010) - $28
The 1st full-length LP by the '80s heavy metal band Eliza from Sapporo, Japan. On Fasten Up Records! Eliza on The Metal Archives

Eliza "Lovin', Hittin' & Scratchin'" CD - Fandango, 1990, Obi, Ltd. 1st press w/ glossy photo booklet, (New/Sealed), (30FR-2004) - $40
New/unplayed stock copy! It's still sealed in a shrink wrap, so I can't see inside but it contains a bonus full-color booklet type of stuff outside of the jewel case. I've never seen another copy of this CD that comes with this extra booklet. According to the Japanese Eliza fan site, the limited number of the first press copies came with it. This album is available only on CD. It's very rare and is definitely much harder to find than any of Eliza's vinyl releases on Fasten Up Records.

Fortbragg (Fort Bragg) "S/T" CD - Bronze Age, 1990, (20BA-05) - $75
OK, if you're totally nuts about collecting the obscure and unknown Japanese metal stuff, you know how amazing but hard to find this CD is. A highly sought-after item for a few die-hard collectors out there for sure. This one is quite tough to come by and you won't find it for so cheap even in Japan these days because Fortbragg featured the now famous vocalist Masatoshi "Sho" Ono, who later got success in the mainstream music scene and is also a current vocalist for the very popular neoclassical/power metal band, Galneryus. I believe Fortbragg was the very first band in his long heavy metal music carrer. This fantastic 5-track CD and a demo tape('89) are the only releases they've ever done.(fuck, I wish I still had that demo in my collection... I dunno what happend to it!) The CD was put out by a tiny Japanese metal label called Bronze Age Records that was ran by the record shop in Tokyo with the same name back in the late '80s to early '90s. Check out Fortbragg on The Metal Archives and Listen to "Now!"(killer guitar solos!!!)

44 Magnum "Four Figures" 12" - Moon, 1985, Orig. sticker on shrinkwrap, Insert, (MOON-18004) - $7

Frenzy "Lost Hunger" CD - Doctor Drug/E.R.C., 1991, (DD-001) - $68
This one is also a very rare one that you don't see very often. It's the self-released CD by a melodic heavy metal band Frenzy from Nagoya, Japan. They only released a cassette tape on Mandrake Root Records in '88 or '89 and this full-length CD which is even rarer than the tape. Although they had a release on the well-known Mandrake Root label, you probably gotta be a serious collector of Japanese metal to even have heard of this band, I guess.

G.A.T.E.S. / Disclose "Black Plague / Nuclear Hell" Split 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 2005, Ltd. to 700 copies, Original, (DAN-DOH 072) - $35
Original Japanese 1st pressing on 7" format. Later reissued on 10" in Denmark.

G.I.S.M. "SoniCRIME TheRapy" CD - Beast Arts, 2001, Orig. 1st press, Ltd. edition w/ hard carton box package & CD-size logo sticker, (LUV-514) - $75

Gargoyle "Halleluyah" 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1990, Promo/freebie, Clear red flexi, (E-8553(S)) - $10
I suppose this one is a bit harder to come by than most of the other Rockin' F promo flexi's and the actual music on this flexi is absolutely top notch. Contains the original version of the classic Gargoyle tunes called "Halleluyah". One of the greatest and most aggressive yet complex sounding thrash metal tunes ever done by this long-running band. This song was later re-recorded at least several times on their "Furebumi" 2nd album('90) and the "Aratama" 3rd album('92) and some other later releases that I'm not too familiar with. This one here is the original 1st version that came out prior to the "Misogi" 1st album release. I'm not 100% certain but I think this particular version of "Halleluyah" can be heard only on this flexi. Recorded with their best line-up through the band's 25+ year history, featuring the amazing guitarist She-ja from several other notable Japanese bands such as Volcano, Vathokija, Animetal etc. This song is so fucking brilliant and its lyrics are totally fucked up(pure insanity!) in a good way, of course, just like the lyrics for majority of their songs. The vocalist Kiba must be some sort of weird-ass, twisted genius with a wicked mind. If there's one metal musician I wanna meet and speak with, it's gotta be him. Gargoyle's "Ugomeki" 1st 7" and the "Misogi" CD are still some of my all-time favorites since the days they were first released. Listen to: "Halleluyah"("Aratama" ver.), "Halleluyah"("Furebumi" ver.), "Destroy"(live video) and "Ruika"(Prologue) ~ "Ounou no Goku"(= The Agonized Prison)

Gibbed "Eternal Life" 7" flexi - Sound Of Burial, 1990, (ULTRA FAST 4) - $35
Grinding Death Metal!!! That's what the band called their music style. Rare 7" flexi release on S.O.B.'s old label called Sound Of Burial Records that also put out the S.O.B./Napalm Death split flexi etc. The only release of Gibbed besides a promo demo tape and the tracks appeared on the Samurai fanzine comp CD and the classic "Thrashing Deathpower" CD.

Hellchild / Gigatic Khmer "Maniac Psycho Abyss"(Thrash Live In Savegery Special) 7" flexi - Strange, 1990, (T.L.I.S.-05) - $10
An early Hellchild material. Gigatic Khmer was the late '80s Japanese death metal band with Masami Chiba from Shellshock and Doom on vocals.

Hellen "Talon Of King" LP - Mandrake Root, 1985, Orig.1st press w/ obi & ltd. 7" flexi, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (22MR-LP-001) - $145
Absolutely the BEST condition of a complete 1st press copy you'll ever find. Everything is in a brand new, mint condition.(except just very minor age discoloration/spots on the blank white part of insert) The bonus 7" flexi is new as well and even the white obi looks flawless. This is a stock copy kept completely unplayed and sealed in a resealable outer sleeve since '85.

Inspire "Doctor / Leads To The Lights" 7" EP - M.A.R.(Mash Audio Revelation), 1987, (M-004) - $30
The only ever release by this obscure band from Osaka, besides a track on the classic "Metal Warning" double LP comp. This is one of those bands that didn't put out many releases and wish I could hear more songs of. The music is really good. Dark, mid-tempo and satanic/occult-inspired heavy metal tunes that's kinda like the other Japanese bands in the similar style such as Crowley, Sabbrabells, Tabbasa, Velle Witch, White Hell or Genocide!!! Yeah, I can hear the Mercyful Fate influence. Fans of Bellzlleb might like Inspire, too. The first track on this EP called "Doctor ~You're Just Calling For...~" is great, but the second track "Leads To The Lights" stands out even more. Love that guitar solo. Not so much is known about this Osaka-based indie label called M.A.R. Records, but I know it was a label ran by the owner of the legendary metal concert venue/club called Bahama in Osaka. And, I'm pretty certain that she was sort of like a manager for Aion and Gargoyle in their indie era and also the one who later started After Zero label to release the first Gargoyle 7" and album in the late '80s. Assuming from the release number of this EP, it's the fourth released by the M.A.R. label and the fifth is the Aion EP(M-005). I have no clue what the other 

Jewel "Sing It / Wonderer" Picture 7" EP - Mandrake Root, 1985, Clear PVC outer sleeve, (10MR-7P-003) - $58
Very rare and hard to find, picture EP containing the two tracks "Sing It" and "Wonderer". These are the '85 original studio recorded version and are NOT the same live version(recorded in '86) you can hear on the bonus 7" flexi's for the "Jewel I" LP that came out a year later in '86. The LP came with either one of the bonus flexi's containing the live version of "Sing It" or "Wonderer". This picture EP was also released on Mandrake Root label and is much harder to find than the LP. The songs were recorded probably around the time the "Heavy Metal Force III" comp('85) track was recorded. Click here: Jewel discography on ex-singer's official Jewel site

Jewel "For Heavy Metal Fans Only!" 7" flexi - Mandrake Root, 1988, Promo/freebie, (MR-F-5) - $35
Super-rare and hard to find, freebie/promo-only flexi with two exclusive tracks "Ruins Of Death" and "Cry Of My Heart" that's available only on this record. Recorded with their second singer Masashi Takemoto, and these two tracks are the only ever recorded material with him on vocals. The band broke up shortly after. The first song is a great speedy tune. This flexi was originally available only from the Mandrake Root label prior to the band playing gigs with a new line-up. 

Joe-Erk "Living Alone" CD - Heaven Hill, 1993, Orig. 1st press, Obi, (HHD-3001) - $32
Joe-Erk was the first band of a singer Mitsuo Takeuchi, who later built his music carrier in the bigger bands like Animetal, Eizo Sakamoto band(ex-Anthem) and D.T.R.(Dirty Trashroad) with Taiji Fujimoto(ex-Jewel, Dancer & Jill's Project) and Taiji Sawada(ex-Dementia, Prowler, Loudness & X). This is the super-rare and hard to find, original '93 first edition of their only ever release(besides an official video & two comp CD tracks) on the small indie metal label called Heaven Hill Records. The second edition(re-issue), with a completely different cover artwork and some of the songs re-recorded, was later released by the major label Toy's Factory in '95. Both versions are long out of print and really hard to come by. Awesome Japanese traditional heavy metal at its best. This is some heavy and powerful shit with killer vocals!! Their songs reminded me of Guilty Vice. One of the compilations that Joe-Erk appeared on, the "God's Truth"(Emergency Express III) CD, that came out in '92, is highly recommended(note: Not to be confused with the similarly titled "Declare A State Of Emergency"(Emergency Express III) comp CD from '91) It's got some other good bands like Rosenfeld, Captured, Guilty Vice and Dante. Here you can check out the complete discography of Mitsuo Takeuchi on his web site: http://www.mitsuotakeuchi.com/discography.html

Joe-Erk "Living Alone" CD - Toy's Factory, 1993/95, 2nd ed. w/ bonus trax, Obi, (TFCC-88061) - $28
The second edition of this killer CD, with two extra tracks, "Flashback" and "Wild Sign" that's not on the first edition. Also has a completely different artwork and a thicker booklet with the extra color band photos. This version is also long out of print and hard to find.

Jurassic Jade "Live At Explosion" 8" flexi, Explosion, 1985, (EXP-HM701) - $35

Jurassic Jade "Doku, Yume, Sperma"(ドク・ユメ・スペルマ) CD - BYS(Bang Your Souls), 1998, (BYS-003) - $25
The long out of print, self-released album on the band's own Bang Your Souls Records. The only other known releases from this label are the Jurassic Jade "After Killing Mam" CD and another CD of an unknown Japanese thrash metal band called Jacqueline Ess.

King Goblin "S/T" Demo Tape, Self-released, 2003, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $5
Japanese underground doom/sludge/stoner metal. Check it out if you like the bands like Corrupted, Boris, Church Of Misery, Isis, Sleep, Sunn etc.

Kuroageha (黒蝪蝶) "Kamen-Yuugi"(仮面遊戯) Demo Tape - Self-released, 1992, Pro-printed sleeve & fold-out insert, (No Cat. #) - $15
(It's a review I did for the CD from my last list. The CD is already sold.) This is the good one! The second CD release(3" size mini disc) by Kuroageha and is their best work ever. Self released by the band's own Black Arts Records. Metal fans, don't be fooled by the whole visual-kei look and the image that this band had(although in the photo inside the 1st demo insert, they look kind of black metal-ish), because the music is some dark and thrashy, power/speed metal that reminds me a lot of the classic visual metal bands like Aion. Some of the thrashy and hard sounding tunes by VellaDonna might also be comparable. The guitar solos are melodic, yet very emotional and strong. I bet these guys were highly influenced by that type of Japanese 'visual-kei' thrash and power metal bands, you know, such as Rosenfeld, Aion, Mein Kampf, Thread Worm, Harkenkreuz, Z-Sect, X, Rommel, early Virus etc. I was reading a few Japanese metal review sites(like this one here: http://www.hvymetal.com/28215.html), and some of them also mentioned that the second CD is the best Kuroageha release, which should be favored by the metal fans. Their first CD called "Teiou-Sekkai"(帝王切開) is pretty good, but I think this second one is better. Never had a chance to hear the third CD called "Capriccio"('97), however I've read on some of those Japanese sites that the band changed the music style and their later stuff is more like those lame ass vusual-kei heavy rock(with a metal taste? I dunno) like Dir en Grey and shit like that. This one here for sale is the original 1st press with an awesome black & white artwork on the front cover. I know that the 3rd press has a different cover featuring the full-color band photo. Don't know what the 2nd press looks like. Kuroageha was formed in the early '90s, originally with a different singer that appeared on the early releases up to '94, including the "Kamen-Yugi" demo tape, "Sad Songs" promo single and a few comp tracks. Anything that came out after '94/'95 were recorded with the second singer. The original singer later went on to form a thrash metal band called Gellonimo and Psychosis Brain. Also note, I think that the info you find on their discography page on Metal Archives looks slightly inaccurate: http://www.metal- archives.com/bands/黒蜴蝶/3540259623 This second CD is listed there as the first and the actual first CD is listed as the second. The correct release year of this CD is most likely '95 and not '94. Check out the live video footage where they play the song "Karen"(可憐  or かれん), which is one of the songs that's on this CD(re-recorded version of the '92 demo tape track): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi6wgQWVBiU You can also hear one track off this CD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi6wgQWVBiU

Ladies Room "Swapping Party" 7" EP - Extasy, 1988, (EXE-001) - $28
This EP is a killer!!! Ladies Room's first release with the original band line-up, before they got pretty big following the release of their first album "Sex Sex Sex" on Extasy Records in '89. The EP contains three of their early, melodic heavy metal tunes, "Swapping Party", "Glamour Girl" and "Juice". The title track "Swapping Party" was later re-recorded and included on the "Sex Sex Sex" LP/CD and the "Made In Sex" CD, but this original version here on the EP is the best one in my opinion. "Juice" is also a great, heavy and mid-tempo tune. Yoshiki, Hide and X are credited in the Special Thanks list, if that means anything to some.

Loudness "Road Racer / Shinkirou" 7" EP - Nippon Columbia, 1983, (AH-379) - $5

Mazeran "Moving Lips" 12" - Night Gallery, 1987, Insert, (NIGHT 0013) - $40
The early Mazeran releases such as this 1st 12", the "Can't Stop My Dream" 7" EP(Mandrake Root) and the "Outsider" promo flexi are all excellent. I mean, they're really, really good.(I was a fan of this band and there's quite a bit of stuff I must mention here to clearify the possible confusion) However, when they got a new line-up with a different singer and bassist(plus a side guitarist) sometime in '89, they changed the music style to some boring and generic sleaze/hard rock like a bunch of L.A. metal bands that were popular at that time. All the newly members including the singer in their '89 line-up were not Japanese, by the way.(Timmy Keller, David McDonald etc. I have no clue who those guys were. Mazeran probably tried to be like Cats In Boots....) The confusing thing about Mazeran is that, like early Aion and Saber Tiger(Sapporo), almost every release they put out featured a different vocalist. The original and the first singer on their first release, the "Can't Stop My Dream" 7"('86), was Shuzo "Honey" Hata. The second release would be the "Wild & Roll" demo tape('86, NOT '85), with the second singer Toshio Kitanaka, the same guy who sang on the "Metal Warning" double LP comp('87), the "Moving Lips" 12" as well as the tour-only split promo flexi('86) with Killer May. You can hear both songs from the '86 demo, "Wild Frontier" on the 12" and "Heaven Tonight" on the "Metal Warning" comp. Toshio left the band sometime after the 12" was released in '87 and Mazeran was pretty much broken up or at least completely inactive for a little while, until they got back together in early '89, with the the new/third singer Timmy Keller, the new bassist Glen Anderson as well as the side guitarist Brad Lovstad. That was the line-up on the "Emergency Express"(Metal Warning 2) comp CD('89), but it was the end of the constant line-up change for this troubled band. Then(again!), Timmy was replaced by the fourth and the very last singer named David McDonald, who sang on the "S/T" full-length CD which came out in the late '89. The main member of Mazeran and the guitarist, Shoji Nemoto(who the hell is "Hisashi Nemoto" on Metal Archives?!), relocated himself to Tokyo to play in Ladies Room sometime in '88. He joined them shortly after the "Swapping Party" EP release, and not very known fact that he actually plays on Ladies Room's super-rare "Toy Girl" tour-only promo flexi which was put out by Extasy Records in '88. Shoji played in L.R. for a pretty short time(I was lucky to catch them live with him on guitar at one of their Tokyo shows!), until he decided to leave the band because his guitar skill was way too good to match L.R.'s music...(true and that's what the L.R. members said of the reason for Shoji's departure from them. If you hear his awesome riffs and solos on the Mazeran records it's kinda obvious, though.) ..... Well, hope this detailed info I provided here will exaplin why some of Mazeran's recorded materials are far as good as another, and some of them even suck so badly. Like I said, their early releases are great and are worth checking out, especially this 6-track 12" is their best ever. The tour-only "Outsider" promo flexi is also very good. You hear the big influence from early Dead End(like many bands from Osaka at that time!) in most of their songs from this era, especially Shoji's guitar style!! Also, Toshio's vocal style reminds me a little bit of Dead End. A few parts of info you see on their Metal Archives page aren't accurate: Mazeran on "Metal Archives" Listen to Mazeran "Let Me Fly"

Mephistopheles (+ Eraserhead) "Metal On Metal" CD - VAP, 2001, Obi, (VPCC-81380) - $45
Awesome power metal with a big Accept influence.
Released when this legendary band got back together in 2001. The band has been very sctive since then. It's been out of print since around 2003-ish. As many of you may already know, Mephistopheles released only a 4-track demo tape and a track appeared on the "Heavy Metal Force III" compilation back in the '80s. The CD contains the nine Mephistopheles tracks(four of which originally appeared on the demo), plus the four bonus tracks by Eraserhead. Eraserhead was a short-lived band formed by the ex-Mephistopheles singer shortly after they broke up. They played only five shows in 1988. The other recording members for the Eraserhead material are from Anthem, Gargoyle and Terra Rosa! Both Mephistopheles and Eraserhead materials are amazingly good!!!!

Nemesis Code "S/T" Demo CD-R - Self-released, 2012, (No Cat. #) - $2
I'm unfamiliar with this band. The music is like melodic death metal, maybe a bit with a deathcore touch? OK, the flyer says they were infulenced by Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Meshuggah etc.

Precious "Crazy For Your Love" 7" EP - Mandrake Root, 1987, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (10MR-7-009) - $22
Classic Japanese melodic power metal!!! Featuring an early line-up with Masashi Okagaki(Terra Rosa) on keyboard. New/unplayed stock copy! Mint condition. Still in an original plastic outer sleeve from 25 years ago.

Precious "Blasting Your Head" 7" EP - Mandrake Root, 1988, Autographed insert, (10MR-7-014) - $25
The back side of an insert is signed by all the band members!

Precious "Blasting Your Head" 7" EP - Mandrake Root, 1988, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (10MR-7-014) - $22
New/unplayed stock copy! Mint condition. Still in an original plastic outer sleeve from 25 years ago.

Precious "To Glory We Steer" CD - Mandrake Root, 1990, Obi, (30MR-CD-015) - $48
Very rare! The only full-length studio album released by this classic Japanese heavy metal band.

Presence "Rock 'N Roll" 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1987, Promo-only/freebie, (E-7977) - $3
Melodic metal/hard rock band from Osaka. Recorded during their indie-era. Super catchy tune here.

Psychosis Brain "Francies Go Mad" Demo Tape - Self-released, 199?, Insert, (No Cat. #) - $5
I couldn't find much info about this band except that they've been active for a pretty long time and the drummer was the original singer of Kuroageha on their first demo. I found a couple of live video footages here and here. You can also listen to the sample tracks on the band's web site here.

Raging Fury "The Rattlesnake Rules" 7" EP - Claw, 1988, Insert, (Claw Records No. 001) - $40
The first EP by these long-running, old school Japanese thrash metal act.

Raging Fury "S/T" CD - Sub Rock/Vivid Sound, 1992, Obi, (SR-373) - $65
This is the hard to find, 1st album by Raging Fury. Released on the CD format only.

Reaction "Are You Free Tonight"('86 Metal Warriors Version) - Rockin' F, 1986, Promo-only/freebie, (E-7790) - $5
Contains an awesome, exclusive live version of their classic tune!

Reaction "True Imitation" LP - Invitation, 1987, Orig. sticker on sleeve, Insert & printed inner-bag sleeve, (VIH-28290) - $10

Rosenfeld "Pigs Of The Empire" CD - Skull Crusher, 1991, Orig. 1st edition, (SCR-0001) - $70
Original private pressing on the band's own Skull Crusher Records, not the later major label re-mastered edition/re-issue on Toy's Factory. Featuring the ex-Aion singer Hisayoshi on vocals. He was the singer on the Aion "Deathrash Bound" LP. The booklet for this original version contains more band photos and the cover design/layout is also slightly different than the Toy's Factory remastered reissue. Also, the Skull Crusher version was never originally issued with an obi. It's not missing. An absolutely classic album by one of the best Japanese thrash metal bands ever!! And this CD is very sought after and is possibly one of the most wanted Japanese metal CD's by the collectors all over the world these days.

(Rosenfeld) Skull Crusher "Carrying Knowledge Into Newfields Part 1" CD - Skull Crusher/Mandrake Root, 1995, (SCR-0005) - $45
Skull Crusher = Rosenfeld. This is the hard to find CD they put out under their side-project name of Skull Crusher after the band was already broken up. Originally released as a limited 5-track promo demo tape while Rosenfeld was still active.(they also played some gigs under the Skull Crusher name) This CD contains seven tracks, four of which are from the demo, plus 3 extra tracks. The demo has one song that's not on the CD. Despite the title, there is no "Part 2" of this CD ever released. Consisted of the classic metal cover tunes done by Rosenfeld. The CD was a split release by two labels, Skull Crusher Records(the band's own label) and oddly, Mandrake Root Records for some reasons. Before you ask, this CD was never originally issued with an obi. 

S.O.B. "Still Grind Attitude" CD - Toshiba EMI, 2003, (TOCT-25147) - $25
Here's S.O.B.'s comeback release with the new singer Etsushi. Contains 25 tracks. Their classic thrashcore/grind/death metal tunes from the Selfish Records~Toy's Factory label era re-recordeed with the new line-up. Like the title says it all, they were returned with the total grindcore style in '03. However, for some reason, this CD went out of print not too long after its release and the band doesn't seem to be active lately.

Sabbat / Asbestos "Tokyo Genocidemonslaught / 731 Green Cross" Split 7" EP - Evil/Decontrol/Metal Crusade Productions, 2005, Ltd. to 300 copies, Unnumbered edition(promo) w/ non-glossy thin sleeve, Insert, (No Cat. #) - $35
Metal Crusade Productions is a Japanese underground metal label that also put out some other good releases like the Hellen "The Fortune/Liar" 7", Aiming High "Metal Fighter Squadron" CD and a few others. I don't think the label exists anymore... This is the last copy I have available for sale.

Sabbrabells "Dog Fight / Last Survivor" 7" EP - Nexus/King, 1987, Full-color one sheet picture sleeve & printed company sleeve, (K07S-7091) - $35
The title track "Dog Fight" is a different version than the one that's on their 4-track 12" with the same title which was released by a different label two years prior to this 7". These two records have the same title but they are completely different releases.

(Yokosuka) Saber Tiger "S/T" 8" flexi - Explosion, 1984, Ltd. to 1000, (EXP-HM402) - $(OFFER)
Mega-rare and super tough to find, top Japanese metal rarity in a superb condition. The hard flexi disc is in Mint condition like new and the folded sleeve is in amazing Near Mint condition.(I'd say NM- with a very minor and small wear on the back) Overall it's almost like new. This might possibly be a brand new and unplayed 'dead stock' copy from nearly 30 years ago. I've never played this particular copy myself since I obtained it. This is hide's Sab(v)er Tiger from Yokosuka and not the one from Sapporo with the same name.
Having a real tough time pricing this gem... It's hard to figure out how much it's worth outside of Japan since it almost never pops up on ebay or elsewhere, except once it was sold for $500 according to popsike.com. I'm willing to sell mine for cheaper than that price. I just decided to take the price offers for now, which I think would be a fair and reasonable way to decide the price on this item. Please don't email me and ask "how much do you want....?" cuz that's lame when I'm clearly asking for the offer. I'd just price it otherwise, right?

(Yokosuka) Saver Tiger "Origin Of Hide Vol.2"(Best Live & Making!!) CD - Nippon Crown, 2001, Obi, metallic sticker, color photo card(hide), folded insert & info sheet, (CRCR-10004) - $45
Complete with all the bonuses, obi and extra inserts. Contains various live recordings from '86~'87 and studio rehearsal/practice session.

Sacrifice "Crest Of Black" LP - Explosion, 1987, Insert, (EXP-HM285031) - $140

Sacrifice "Tears" CD - Howling Bull, 1992, Obi, (HBR-F0008) - $58

Stingray "Legend" CD - Castle, 2002, Obi, Picture label, (DAKCAS-2039) - $25
The official CD reissue of the classic '80s Japanese melodic heavy metal album. The original LP came out in '86 and is highly sought after for collectors these days. This CD version is also out of print already.

Skull Crusher "Carrying Knowledge Into Newfields Part 1" CD - Skull Crusher/Mandrake Root, 1995, (SCR-0005) - $45
Skull Crusher = Rosenfeld. This is the hard to find CD they put out under their side-project name of Skull Crusher after the band was already broken up. Originally released as a limited 5-track promo demo tape while Rosenfeld was still active.(they also played some gigs under the Skull Crusher name) This CD contains seven tracks, four of which are from the demo, plus 3 extra tracks. The demo has one song that's not on the CD. Despite the title, there is no "Part 2" of this CD ever released. Consisted of the classic metal cover tunes done by Rosenfeld. The CD was a split release by two labels, Skull Crusher Records(the band's own label) and oddly, Mandrake Root Records for some reasons. Before you ask, this CD was never originally issued with an obi. 

Terra Rosa "Live... Final Class Day" CD - King/Nexus, 1992/99, Obi, (KICS 2880) - $25
An awesome last live album of the legendary Terra Rosa. All the songs were recorded at their last live shows in Tokyo and Osaka. This is the 24 bit remastered edition which is also long out of print.

Tilt "The Beast In Your Bed" LP - Human, 1987, Original, Insert, (MSN-1114-1) - $20
The 1st full-length album by Tilt, one of the notable bands out of the early Nagoya heavy metal scene among others like Sniper, Crowley and Lushel. It's the original private pressing on the band's own label called Human Records. The picture disc re-issue of this album was later released by Více Records. After putting out the three releases on Electric Lady Land Records, including the "From Electric Lady Land '84" LP(a 4-way split w/ Crowley etc.), the "Can You Feel Inside" 7"('85) and the "Stick Into Yours" 12"('86), this LP came out in '87. Tilt also appeared on the "Metal Warning" double LP comp in '87. Sometime in the late '80s the band's music style has changed into glam/sleaze/melodic hard rock and a few boring albums came out on a major label throught the mid '90s. The early Tilt records from '84 to '87 are more in the heavy metal/hard rock mixed style.

Tokyo Yankees "Joker" 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1990, Promo-only/freebie, (E-8571) - $5
Their first official release from when they still had five members. Recorded with an early line-up including the second guitarist Tohda, who left the band prior to the first CD release('91) and he went on to form a new band called Samurai Blondies with an ex-Bellzlleb singer. This flexi and a track on the "Emergency Express II" comp CD('90) are the only ever recorded material with Tohda on guitar. "Joker" is an awesome, driving speed metal tune. Listen to this song here!

Unholy Grave "Obliterated" LP - H.M.S.S.(Heavy Metal Super Star), 2006, Ltd. edition of 175 copies, Stamped & numbered booklet(F.E.T.U.S. 'zine) & obi(# 068 of 175), Printed inner-bag sleeve & insert, (HMSS-CD-043) - $48
The sleeve states: "This LP is collection of original mix versions from "Crucified" album recording sessions. All unreleased takes." Looks like this also contains some extra bonus materials including the "Gezol Mix Version" of two tracks and a rehearsal track. Comes with an exclusive "F.E.T.U.S." Vol.24 fanzine with the U.G. interview in English.(remember the "F.E.T.U." zines which were done by the same HMSS dude back in the '80s?) The 'zine is also individually numbered out of 175 copies.

Unholy Grave "Grind Blitz" 7" EP - H.M.S.S.(Heavy Metal Super Star), 2010, Ltd. edition of 185 hand-numbered copies, Promo-only/freebie, Orig. sticker on sleeve, White labels, (New/Sealed), (HMSS-CD-102) - $45
The round sticker on the front sleeve indicates "X'mas Gift EP for HMSS Customers, Limited Edition 185". Still unopened in original bag, sealed with a little sticker.

United "Beast Dominates '92" CD - Howling Bull, 1992, Obi, (HBR-M0006) - $35
All the songs from the "Beast Dominate" EP ('86) re-recorded with the '92 line-up, plus the two exclusive bonus tracks! A long out of print, early Howling Bull Records release.

VellaDonna "Sabotage~我が闘争: 弐(Mein Kampf II)" CD Single - Matina, 1998, Ltd. to 5000 copies, Obi, (SMVD-003) - $8
An early single by this well-known "visual" power/thrash metal band from Osaka. The singer and bassist are ex-Thread Worm and the guitarist Tako used to play in this great thrash metal band called Gelgoog in the early '90s. I think VellaDonna got bigger than any of the members' previous bands.

VellaDonna "Un Truth" CD Single - Matina, 1999, Obi, (MTR-009) - $8

Versus "S/T" Demo Tape, Office Mafia, 199?, Full-color sleeve & insert, (No Cat. #) - $9
An unknown, late '90s band featuring at least three ex-Necrophilia members including the singer. Heavy and crunching, mid-paced thrash/power metal in the vein of Flatbacker, Ezra, Volcano, or Youthquake. Good stuff! I can't seem to find any info regarding this band. Rare original, promo-only demo that says "Not For Sale" inside the sleeve. They did another demo called "Death Trap" and probably nothing else. Necrophilia is a bit more known to the serious fans of Japanese metal, since they had a few releases on Mandrake Root Records, but this band Versus is completely unknown that they aren't even listed on the Metal Archives site...

Virus "Taikutsu Shinogi No Love Ai-shisen"(退屈しのぎのLove愛視線) (Version 1991) 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1991, Promo-only/freebie, (E-8601) - $3
The '91 re-recorded version of the song originally appeared on the "Material" CD on Extasy Records.

Warpigs "Night Rider" 7" flexi - Strange, 1990, (TLIS-02) - $12
This flexi came out on Genoa's label prior to their great CD album on Howling Bull Records. The guitarist is ex-Jurassic Jade, and the drummer is ex-United and Doom.

Wolf "S/T" Demo Tape - Self-released, 1987, Ltd. to 500 copies, Stamped & numbered pink sleeve(# 220), Fold-out insert, (No Cat. #) - $68
Rare original 1st demo!! This one is from my personal collection. Each copy has a serial number stamped on the sleeve. This particular copy is #220. It's in a great condition except a part of the sleeve is repaied with a tiny clear tape on the blank back side where nothing is printed on. The sleeve color is pink. There's also the yellow version. The first track of this demo is "The Shadow Of A Shadow", one of the greatest Wolf songs in my opinion. Check these out: "The Shadow Of A Shade"('88 live video) and "The Shadow Of A Shade"(studio ver from this demo & "Roll Over" CD)

Wolf "S/T" 12" - Captagon Plugging, 1987, Orig. sticker on shrinkwrap, Insert, (CPLG-1001) - $40
Mint copy like new. Everything is in Mint condition and a shrinkwrap is still attached to the sleeve with an original logo sticker on it.

Wolf "Count Down" 7" flexi - Self-released, 1988, Promo-only/freebie, Autographed sleeve, (ICR-195) - $(OFFER)
Here's a super-rare and insanely hard to find promo flexi by Wolf, which was given away free to the fans at two of their live shows in August '88, at the Rock-May-Kan(a.k.a. Rokumeikan) in Tokyo and at the Bourbon House(I think) in Osaka. Never officially been sold or available elsewhere. As far as I remember, Rock-May-Kan isn't really big and the maximum capacity was/is 250 when the place was packed full of audiences.(and this partucular Wolf show wasn't nearly packed, I know) Bourbon House was even much smaller than the other. That club was so tiny! So, you get the idea of how small number copies of this flexi were ever made. My guess would be just a couple of hundred copies in existence.(like 400~500 at the most??) The flexi contains Wolf's last recording with the original band lineup. It was the bassist Katsumi Seki(Jerusalem, Jill's Project, Rattlesnake etc.) and the drummer's last show where the flexi was given away. The song "Count Down" is not available on any of their other releases. Without any doubt this is one of the rarest and most obscure '80s Japanese heavy metal records. It's like one of those obscure rarities/gems you'd be lucky to see it actually available for sale once or twice at the most in your life before you die, like a few others such as the Dementia "Bang Hard" promo flexi, the Prowler/Yoke Of Steel split 8" or the Visual Scandal 7", just to name a few... Am I exaggerating? Maybe I am or maybe not. On top of that, this particular copy's picture sleeve is signed by the band members on the back side. Needless to say I've never seen another copy of this flexi for sale anywhere. This one and the Saber Tiger 8" flexi are the only items from this list I decided not to set the price and instead just take offers, because it's so goddamn difficult to decide the "right" price for such items like these.

Wolf "Some Aspects Of The Moment" CD - Colosseum, 1990, (COL-003C) - $60
Here it is again. If you collect the rare Japanese metal stuff, you know that the Wolf CD's are pretty tough to find. These are much rarer than their self-titled 12" that came out in '87. Top-notch traditional Japanese melodic metal!! Some of their members also played in the other great bands like Terra Rosa, Precious, Volfeed, Jill's Project etc. The Wolf CD's were released by the small label called Colosseum Records, which was ran by the owner of a metal record shop in Japan with the same name. The shop and the label existed for a very short time, so their releases went out of print quickly. The only other Colosseum release I know of is the CD by a thrash metal band called Drastic Gunsmith that appeared on the "Far East Thrash Army"(Thrash Live In Savegery) comp. No clue if there's any others. This is the only full-length album that Wolf ever released and the band broke up shortly after this release. The "Roll Over" CD that came out in '91 is a compilation of their demos.

X (X Japan) "Kurenai"(Original Japanese Version) 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1988, Promo-only/freebie, (New/Unopened), (E-8205) - $55
Contains the rare exclusive, original version of "Kurenai" with Yoshiki's piano intro and the Japanese/English mixed lyrics. This version/recording can be found only on this flexi and isn't included on any of their other releases. The "Vanishing Vision" version starts with hide's guitar intro instead of the piano and has the full English lyrics. Although this flexi says "Original Japanese Version", the lyrics are in half English and half Japanese. It's not the same as the "Blue Blood" version either. Promo-only/freebie flexi that has never officially been for sale. Featuring a killer band photo on the front cover. This is a new copy and the pocket sleeve is unopened, still sealed with a little sticker attached! You won't find this in a better condition.

Ziggy "Soreyuke! R&R Band"(それゆけ! R&R Band) 12" - Více, 1987, Insert & obi, (15EC-101) - $15
The first and the only indie release by this long-running Japanese glam/sleaze/hard rock band. This one and the first two full-length albums, "In With The Times" and "Hot Lips", are Ziggy's absoulte best! I love these three records. Many of the songs they played on their early records sound much harder than the later stuff, but at the same time, melodic and super catchy as well, of course. Great stuff, if you're into this type of bands like I am.

V/A "Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil"(Hold Up Omnibus) LP - Hold Up, 1986, Insert & obi, (HU-2501) - $65
Casbah / United / (Yokosuka) Saver Tiger / Lip Cream / Ghoul / War Painted City Indian

V/A "Emergency Express"(Metal Warning 2) CD - Trycle/Réveil(Teichiku), 1989/1996, 2nd edition, (TCCN-25013) - $30
Crowley / Damzell / United / Bellzlleb / Gargoyle / Mazeran / Eliza / Zi:Kill / Nudy Jane / Bad Messiah / Kamaitachi - Originally released in '89. This is the second edition that came out on a different label in '96, but this version is also long out of print. Great band line-up. My personal favorite from this CD is an early Gargoyle track "Crazy Sadism". You can't find this particular version on any of their other releases. Besides a few demo tapes, it was the first officially released Gargoyle material even befrore their 1st 7" came out. The re-recorded version of the same song was later included on the special tour-only comp CD called "Kaikoroku" in '92. Smashing fast thrash tune with some excellent guitar riffs and chrous work. And, yes the guitarist for this recording is She-ja(Volcano, Vathokija, Animetal etc.)!!! I've heard that "Crazy Sadism" was the first song ever written by Gargoyle and was originally released as the 1-track demo tape in '87, with an earlier line-up before She-ja joined the band. Crowley also contributed a good song called "King's Evil". The compilation title "Emergency Express" was taken from the Saver Tiger song!!(hide, Yoshiki and Extasy Records are listed in the Special Thanx list)

V/A "Far East Thrash Army 3"(Free Style) CD - Stinky, 1992, (SRC-0006-ST) - $30
The Wretched / Hellchild / Jesus Save / Scamp / Scrap Tambourine / Pony The Klux - THE WRETCHED!!!! Very rare and quite unknown comp CD containing the tracks by this obscure and unknown, but totally excellent, raging thrash metal band featuring the powerful female singer Chitose(ex-The Comes/Virgin Rocks) and the ex members of X and Gastunk. The guitarist Eddie was an early member of X. This awesome band existed probably less than a year and only released the two demo tapes and appeared on another comp CD called "Declare A State Of Emergency"(Emergency Express III) with Rosenfeld, Bellzlleb, Lawshed etc. By the way, one of the rare Japanese metal items that I've been wanting to find forever is The Wretched 2nd demo which supposed to have a Venom cover song. Never seen it before and it's not listed on Encyclopaedia Metallum either. Please get in touch if anybody has it. The volume 1 and 2 of this compilation are fairly well known since those two were released on a pretty big label called Captain Records and featured the well-known bands such as Shellshock, Raging Fury, Genoa and Lawshed. However, this Volume 3 was done by a small unknown independent label called Stikky Records and not so many people are familiar with this one. You don't see this for sale often either. Also included on this comp are some of the early Hellchild tracks and the Scamp tracks are great as well. Scamp had a drummer Iron-Fist Tatsushima from G.I.S.M., Crow, Die You Bastards!, SSORC etc. The interesting side note that I should mention here is that G.I.S.M. is credited in the special thanks list of this release. It was produced by Seiji Kojima(I believe Stinky Records was his label) from Genoa and he was close to Sakevi, so that probably has something to do with it. And, Hellchild did a G.I.S.M. cover on one of their albums, so.... Well, anyways, yes it's quite rare to see G.I.S.M. credited on any non-G.I.S.M./Beast Arts related releases.

V/A "Grinding Syndicate" CD - Samurai, 1992, Folded insert, (SAMURAI 001) - $30
Gibbed / Multiplex / Anarchus / Cacofonia - Rare and hard to find, early Japanese death metal and grindcore compilation released by the Samurai Fanzine. Featuring two bands each from Japan and Mexico. This is one of the first death/grind comp's that came out in Japan. Contains the rare tracks by Gibbed!!! They released a killer 7" flexi called "Eternal Life" on Sound Of Brial Records(S.O.B.'s old label) in '90. If you were into underground grind, death and thrash metal in the late '80s to early '90s, you've probably heard of those great Japanese 'zines like Samurai, F.E.T.U. or Poison Child. The Samurai label also released some obscure comp tapes with the bands like Sabbat, Vietnam, Hellchild, Shellshock, Entombed, Anarchus, Exit-13 etc. This CD is pretty hard to find even in Japan these days. 

V/A "Hungry Days" LP - Astral Lady/Mandrake Root, 1987, (28AL-3001) - $70
D'erlanger / Alkaloid / Virgin Killer / Genocide / Excuriver / Girl Tique / Ace / Kiss-Relissh! / Armenian Dance / Zealous - Here's a super-rare and obscure comp LP from the mid '80s. Astral Lady was a sub-label of Mandrake Root Records just for releasing this LP. All the tracks were recorded live at the New Power Metal Audition(presented by Mandrake Root) at Rock-May-Kan in Tokyo on October 26th 1986. All the recordings are exclusive to this release and can't be found elsewhere. Includes the rare, early D'erlanger track with an original singer when they still played power/speed metal. They released the awesome "Girl" EP on Mandrake Root shortly after winning this audition. And, what makes this LP even more special is that Alkaloid is on it. They were pretty big in the Tokyo metal scene but released only a few demo tapes, so this is the only Alkaloid material ever been released on vinyl.

V/A "Night Gallery Omnibus" CD - Night Gallery/UK Project, 1991, Carton box package, Obi & insert, (UKCR-1013) - $20
Paranoia / Cry-Max / Aion / Z-Sect / Justy-Nasty / Harlem Deads / Jango / Gyoza Daiou / Xoyo / Love & Slaught / Zarathustra / Mardigras / South Bound Train - Rare and unknown comp CD by Night Gallery Records. The Aion track "Fatalism" was originally available as a promo-only/freebie single.